Winners Of The 2023 MBC Entertainment Awards

MBC has awarded the best of entertainment from the past year!

On December 29, various stars gathered to celebrate MBC’s variety shows, radio programs, and more at the 2023 MBC Entertainment Awards. The ceremony was hosted by Dex, Jun Hyun Moo, and Lee Se Young.

The Daesang (Grand Prize) went to Kian84, who received great love for his performances in “Home Alone” and “Adventure by Accident 3.” “Home Alone” won a total of eight awards, while “Adventure by Accident 3” took home seven awards.

Check out the full list of winners:

Daesang (Grand Prize): Kian84 (“Home Alone,” “Adventure by Accident 3”)

Variety Show of the Year: “Adventure by Accident 3”

Entertainer of the Year: Kian84 (“Home Alone,” “Adventure by Accident 3”), Yoo Jae Suk (“How Do You Play?”), Jun Hyun Moo (“Home Alone,” “The Manager”)

Top Excellence Award (Variety Shows): Park Na Rae (“Where Is My Home,” “Home Alone”), HaHa (“How Do You Play?”), Lee Jang Woo (“Home Alone”)

Top Excellence Award (Radio): Kim Hyun Chul (“Kim Hyun Chul’s Radio Show”)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lee Young Ja (“The Manager”)

Excellence Award (Variety Shows): Jang Do Yeon (“Radio Star,” “Keep Talking I Love It,” “Adventure by Accident 3”), Joo Woo Jae (“How Do You Play?”)

Excellence Award (Radio): Shin Ji (“Lee Yoon Seok and Shin Ji’s Smile Radio”), Lee Seok Hoon (“Lee Seok Hoon’s Brunch Cafe”)

Producers’ MC Award: Kim Sung Joo (“The King of Mask Singer”)

Producers’ Special Award: Kim Gura (“Radio Star,” “The King of Mask Singer”)

Best Couple Award: Kian84, Dex, and Pani Bottle (“Adventure by Accident 3”)

Popularity Award: ONE TOP (“How Do You Play?”), Code Kunst (“Home Alone”)

Best Teamwork Award: Park Na Rae, Lee Jang Woo, and Jun Hyun Moo (“Home Alone”)

Best Entertainer Award: Boom (“Buddy Into the Wild”), Yang Se Hyung (“Where Is My Home,” “The Manager”)

Multiplayer Award: Yoo Byung Jae (“The Manager,” “Alumni Lovers,” “How Do You Play?,” “On the Border,” “Keep Talking I Love It,” “Unexpected”)

Special Award (Current Events and Cultural Programs): Kim Cho Rong, Kim Jae Woo, and Kim Tae Min (“Movie Trip,” “This Morning,”)

Writer of the Year (Current Events and Cultural Programs): Lee Geun Young (“Oh Eun Young’s Report”)

Special Award (Radio): DingDing Univ (“Good Morning FM with Tei”), Bae Ah Ryang (“Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp”)

Writer Award (Radio): Jang So Young (“Yoon Do Hyun at 4 O’Clock”)

Contribution Award (Radio): Korea Employment Agency for Persons with Disabilities

MC Award (Current Events and Cultural Programs): Oh Eun Young (“Oh Eun Young’s Report”)

Writer of the Year (Variety Shows): Yoo Ji Hye (“Adventure by Accident 3”)

Rookie Award (Variety Shows): Pungja (“The Manager,” “Keep Talking I Love It”), Kim Dae Ho (“Where Is My Home,” “Home Alone,” “Alumni Lovers”), Dex (“The Manager,” “Adventure by Accident 3”)

Rookie Award (Radio): Kim Il Joong (“Women’s Era with Yang Hee Eun and Kim Il Joong”), JaeJae (“2 O’Clock Date”), Tei (“Good Morning FM with Tei”)

Congratulations to all of the winners!

The 2023 MBC Entertainment Awards will be available on Viki on January 8.

While waiting, watch “Home Alone”:

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“Adventure by Accident 3” here:

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And “How Do You Play?” below:

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