Choi Min Sik, Kim Go Eun, Lee Do Hyun, And Yoo Hae Jin Showcase Unlikely Teamwork In New Occult Mystery Film

The upcoming movie “Exhuma” has unveiled captivating new stills!

“Exhuma” is an occult mystery film that unravels bizarre events involving a feng shui master, a mortician, and two shamans as they relocate mysterious graves in exchange for a hefty sum of money.

Choi Min Sik leads as the feng shui master Sang Deok tasked with locating the territory, while Kim Go Eun takes on the role of Hwa Rim, a shaman who appeases vengeful spirits. Yoo Hae Jin portrays mortician Young Geun, and Lee Do Hyun takes on the character of Bong Gil, a shaman who is skilled in incantations.

The released stills showcase the unsettling atmosphere faced by the four characters who become entangled in a mysterious case.

The contemplative expressions of Sang Deok and Young Geun who are standing before a grave, alongside the discerning looks of Hwa Rim and Bong Gil, who look like they have realized something, intensify curiosity about the evolving narrative.

Furthermore, one still shows Sang Deok, Young Geun, and Bong Gil gathering and looking down at something with bewildered expressions, suggesting their confrontation with the heart of the incident. Another still depicts the four people in front of a grave, elevating anticipation for their collaborative performance and deepening intrigue about the captivating dynamics they will unveil in the film.

“Exhuma” is set to hit theaters in February 2024.

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