Moonbin's Friends And Fellow ASTRO Members Celebrate His Birthday With Photos And Songs

On January 26, Moonbin’s friends have celebrated his birthday!

Today marks Moonbin’s 26th birthday (by international reckoning), and his close friends and fellow ASTRO members have shared heartfelt messages and photos of Moonbin to honor his memories.

ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo shared a cover of “Love is Gone” along with a letter to Moonbin. He wrote:

Bin, are you doing well? What are you doing?

I want to wish you a happy birthday as usual.. but you must be watching from somewhere, right? Happy birthday, my friend.

Whenever I think of you, I work harder. Whenever I want to see you again and have a difficult time, I steady my heart, and I prepared dramas and an album!! Please check them out when they’re released 👍

This is a song I received comfort from by listening to when I thought of you. I heard it by chance, but you just came to my mind. Really, no matter what song I hear while walking on the street, it feels like your story, my story, and our story. Hey you!! Anyway, please listen well.

I always miss you, thank you, and I love you, my friend Bin Bin.

Cha Eun Woo also took to Instagram Stories and wrote, “Thank you for appearing in my dreams. Happy birthday, Bin Bin.”

ASTRO’s Sanha shared a photo of the moon, writing, “Twenty-four, twenty-six,” signifying their current ages, and he also shared a photo of himself with Moonbin, writing, “Happy birthday, hyung.” Sanha also complimented Cha Eun Woo’s cover, sharing, “It’s really nice, hyung.”

ASTRO’s MJ wrote, “Our Bin~ Happy birthday💜 I love you, and I miss you, my dongsaeng^^ Written by MJ~hyung.”

ASTRO’s JinJin wrote, “Happy birthday Bin!! Hehe. You’re doing well, right? Today is a day I miss you even more!! Hyung is living very passionately these days!! I live while thinking that you will be watching haha. You’re eating well and resting well, right? Eat seaweed soup today. We don’t have a lot of photos together, I should have taken more ha. You have to spend the day more happily than anyone else. I love you, my dongsaeng😍” On Instagram, he added, “I love you, and I miss you.”

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi kept his promise to release “What kind of future” for Moonbin’s birthday. In the album introduction, Woozi wrote, “Your smile with love, we will never forget no matter what kind of future.”

SEVENTEEN’s DK took to Instagram Stories to write, “Bin, happy birthday. I hope you have a warm and happy birthday🌙”

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan posted a photo of a cake for Moonbin’s birthday, which includes a photo with their fellow ’98-line friends. Seungkwan also shared a screenshot of Woozi’s “What kind of future” and wrote, “Thank you, hyung.”

VIVIZ’s SinB, a fellow ’98-line friend, similarly uploaded a photo of the cake as well as her hand near the moon in greeting.

VIVIZ’s Umji wrote, “You’re 27 (by Korean reckoning) now. Let’s continue to age together. Happy birthday Bin, I miss you lots! And next time, I hope your birthday is less cold.”

IMFACT’s Ungjae posted a photo of the moon as well as the birthday cake that the ’98-line friends celebrated with.

Former The Ark and UNI.T member Lee Suji, who is a fellow ’98-line friend of Moonbin, also uploaded a photo of the birthday cake to her Stories.

Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung shared, “Happy 27th birthday~ I always miss you lots. I’m not celebrating your birthday just because you visited my dreams. I already knew when your birthday is—you know that, right?”

Weki Meki’s Ji Suyeon wrote, “[The moon] is pretty today. Happy birthday.”

Weki Meki’s Sei uploaded an emoji of the moon along with Woozi’s song for Moonbin “What kind of future.”

Weki Meki’s Rina similarly uploaded a photo of Woozi’s “What kind of future” for Moonbin.

MONSTA X’s I.M, who shares a birthday with Moonbin, posted a photo of the moon and wrote, “We always called each other on this day and wished each other a happy birthday, but today feels awkward. The weather is very cold. I hope you’re doing well. I really miss you a lot. Happy birthday.”

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