“Going SEVENTEEN,” initially just a vlog series, has evolved into the epitome of an idol variety show. The members’ naturally funny and unique personalities alone are enough to elevate mundane concepts into a comedic spectacle. But what truly sets “Going SEVENTEEN” apart from the rest of the industry is its original concepts. The show’s immense popularity has given rise to its own fandom, known as Cubics, who exclusively support the “Going SEVENTEEN” variety show.

From 2017 to 2023, over 200 episodes of the show have been uploaded on YouTube, with most garnering millions of views. While having more SEVENTEEN content is always “aju nice,” it can be overwhelming for newer fans. Therefore, here are 17 “Going SEVENTEEN” recommendations for baby CARATs, baby Cubics, and baby TteokTwiSoon.

“Don’t Lie” aka SEVENTEEN mafia game

Whether someone stans SEVENTEEN or not, they would have definitely heard of the infamous “Going SEVENTEEN” Mafia games, aka “Don’t Lie.” The game usually consists of a detective, a doctor, a few townspeople, and three mafia members. The game is simple: the mafia’s role is to kill townspeople, and the townspeople have to find out who the mafia is.

The mafia game might sound too complicated right now, but even if you don’t get the rules, you won’t be able to hold your breath when you see S.Coups head locking DK, Hoshi screaming “It’s Mingyu, it’s Mingyu,” or Jeonghan using his brilliant brain to fool everyone for the 100th time.

“Don’t Lie”/Mafia game editions: “Don’t Lie I,” “Don’t Lie II,” “Don’t Lie III,” “Surprise Don’t Lie,” and “Don’t Lie Chaser.” SEVENTEEN also played “Don’t Lie” aka mafia games in other paid content such as “SEVENTEEN in the Soop” and “Nana Tour” Weverse Version.


“MouseBusters” is similar to the game of hide and seek, but 100 times better. In this three-episode series, the ’96 liners aka cat liners – Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, and Woozi – transform into mice and hide in the most random places while the rest of the members try to catch them by spraying water on their costumes. If, by the end of the game, all mice are captured, the busters win; however, if even one mouse remains free, the mice claim victory and the trophy.


In Kim Mingyu’s words, TTT means “MT, SVT, REALITY,” not to be confused with SEVENTEEN’s solo project series “The Thirteen Tapes.”

“TTT” is a series where the 13 members go on a fun retreat, forget about their never-ending schedule (it is literally never-ending), and enjoy a relaxing break. From a water park to a camping site, the team has recorded “TTT” at multiple locations throughout the years. These completely unscripted “Going SEVENTEEN” episodes are one of the fastest ways to get to know the members and their relationships with each other.

“TTT” Editions: “TTT 2018,” “Hyperrealism,” Camping, and Water Sports.


If there is any idol group that can make kickball entertaining for the masses, then it’s SEVENTEEN. The game starts as usual, the members are on a field, kicking a ball, and Woozi knows all the rules despite Minghao being the umpire. But wait, suddenly there is a dinosaur, and why are there flippers on the kickball field? As I said, SEVENTEEN makes kickball entertaining.

“Best Friends”

Laughter never dies at Sebong High. “Going SEVENTEEN Best Friends,” which came out during the exam season of 2021, features the SEVENTEEN members as high school students. Meanwhile, Dino shows a glimpse into his acting skills by playing the character of the student as well as the teacher.

These slightly scripted, mostly impromptu episodes show the members playing various games in their own style, including ping pong and red light green light, to name a few.

“Mystery Mystery”

What is a better way to start the new year than eating delicious traditional Korean food, you ask? The answer is trying to eat delicious food that’s sitting right in front of you and failing.

“Mystery Mystery” is the 2020 New Year special “Going SEVENTEEN” episode, hosted by none other than Mr. Lee Dokyeom. From eating japchae with a dumbbell to eating rice cake soup under 50 decibels, this episode couldn’t have gotten any funnier.

“The Tag”

“The Tag” series’ name is rather misguiding because no one is tagging anyone. The game is more like a horror-themed escape room where the members enter as a pair and try to find their way out while a bunch of actors in costumes try to scare them. The one thing that made the entire episode memorable was DK’s high-pitched screams and Minghao’s nonchalant behavior. The contrast is striking.


“Ego” is another one of the “Going SEVENTEEN” horror series, except it is mostly scripted where the members use their phenomenal acting skills to present the story. The episode starts with Dino waking up in an abandoned hospital room in a white patient uniform, alone. Outside the door he sees his team members lying on single beds, wearing all white. How did they get here? Who is behind all of this? And most importantly, will they be able to get out?

Beware, this is not another escape room situation. There are no winners or losers. Just sit tight and enjoy “Ego” like you would any other short horror series.

“God of Light Music”

If I had to explain “God of Light Music” in one word, it would be “meta.” In this two-episode series, the members create a parody of their “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” title track “God of Music.” This episode’s cast consists of Woozi PD, BOMG CEO Fe Turin aka Pi Cheolin, the Men Folk chorus team, Leo, Charles, Seokmin, Lyricist Ji Woogae, Lyricist Young Feel, and last but not least, the burger-eating ghost of the recording studio. While every second of the series was funny, seeing Woozi trying to control his laugh will make you cry.

Fun fact: The parody song, “God of Light Music,” got so popular among CARATs that Pledis had to officially release it on streaming platforms on December 26, 2023.


Under the watch of MC Woozi, members participate in various games that only SEVENTEEN could have come up with. The competition is so energetic that it may put the Olympics to shame. The “Let’s Go SEVENTEEN” series has everything that makes “Going SEVENTEEN” fun: teamwork, unmatched energy, and cheating — lots and lots of cheating.

“Tribal Game”

“Going SEVENTEEN Tribal Game” was released as a 2021 Chuseok special and hosted by Caratland’s favorite MC, Boo Seungkwan. As the name suggests, in this “Going SEVENTEEN” series, the members divide into two teams; Team Camel and Team Tiger, and they participate in a variety of games including telephone, whisper challenge, shouting in silence, and more. For a fun exercise, try to guess which team wins at the end.

“Bad Clue”

“Going SEVENTEEN Bad Clue” is for murder mystery lovers. There are two “Bad Clue” series so far, and in both of the series, the members have to find the perpetrator of a fictional murder. What makes the partially scripted, partially improvised “Bad Clue” so great is the members’ phenomenal acting. They are so good at pretending that you might not be able to guess the killer until the very end of the episode.

“Bad Clue” editions: “Bad Clue I” and “Bad Clue II.”

“The Guest Who Left Secretly”

“The Guest Who Left Secretly” has to be the funniest unscripted variety show episode. The premise of the episode is self-explanatory; every member is behind one of the 12 doors, and their goal is to get out of the studio without being seen by the other members.

A game so simple would make you think the episode would be boring, but it will have you laughing like a hyena. From Mingyu’s makeshift CCTV camera to DK’s face full of expressions to Woozi’s iconic pull-up, this episode is quite literally unforgettable.

“Four-Wheeled Rider”

If you think of Mario Kart but in real life, plus on a tiny four-wheel rider, that’s basically what the “Four-Wheeled Rider” GoSe series is. Every member sits on a four-wheel kart and races, except Jeonghan; he just cheats, a lot. But his antics make the episode much more entertaining, so can we even complain?

“Wonwoo’s Diary”

In Caratland, everyone knows how much Wonwoo (and DK) love the art of photography. However, in “Wonwoo’s Diary,” Mr. Game Bo1 tries to fulfill the dream of becoming a documentary director. He goes on a journey to capture the essence of the Sebong village’s residents. From Joshua and Jeonghan lathering their hair on camera to Pi Cheolin talking about his ex-fiancée, “Wonwoo’s Diary” is one of GoSe’s most unserious series ever.

“Bungee Jumping”

The afternoon was sunny, birds were chirping, and Mingyu and DK were praying desperately not to be chosen for bungee jumping. In this series, the team answers a few simple questions and plays simple games, and the loser has to jump from a sky-high platform.

Cast: SEVENTEEN, a beautiful angel, and a bug.

“Finding KSY”

Korea’s last tiger aka KSY aka Kwon Soon Young aka Hoshi has been hidden somewhere in Seoul and now it’s the rest of the members’ job to find him. Their only hope is the random almost annoying and unhelpful hints that Hoshi sends them. Will they be able to find Hoshi or will they have to find a new performance unit leader?

Watch SEVENTEEN’s “Power Of Love” below:

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Hello CARATs, Cubics, and TteokTwiSoons, what is your favorite “Going SEVENTEEN” episode? Let me know in the comment section!

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