Bae Jong Ok, Sunwoo Jae Duk, And More Showcase Their Unique Charms In Upcoming Drama

Upcoming KBS drama “Dare to Love Me” has unveiled new stills of their lineup of veteran actors!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Dare to Love Me” is a romantic comedy about the love story between Shin Yoon Bok (Kim Myung Soo), a 21st-century scholar from Seongsan village who believes deeply in Confucian values, and his art teacher Kim Hong Do (Lee Yoo Young), who has a reckless and straightforward personality.

In the new series, veteran actress Bae Jong Ok takes on the role of Jang Camillie, the CEO and top designer of a luxury fashion brand that is beloved worldwide. Her overwhelming charisma, grace, and honesty define her strong and unique characteristics. A newly released still captures Camille confidently facing numerous press microphones, emphasizing her high-profile position in the industry.

On the contrary, Sunwoo Jae Duk, who portrays Shin Yoon Bok’s grandfather Shin Soo Geun, showcases his distinct character through his unusual attire. Draped in a white Durumagi (Korean traditional overcoat), he gives off a noble and dignified aura. Shin Soo Geun possesses a stubborn and resolute character, determined to protect and preserve Seongsan Village as its leader, exerting every effort to do so.

Park Yoon Hee takes on the role of Lee Beom Gyo, a diligent and sincere office worker who has spent years dedicated to the Cultural Heritage Administration as its head. After developing close ties with Shin Yoon Bok and Shin Soo Geun during the track-down of cultural heritage thieves, he also becomes intertwined with world-renowned designer Camille after the widespread craze for K-culture.

Lee Myung Ho portrays Camille’s Chief Marketing Officer Franky Leroux, who serves as her ultimate partner. Being a prominent figure in the fashion industry, he’s known for paying meticulous attention to every garment and accessory.

“Dare to Love Me” is set to premiere on May 13 at 10:10 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Nothing Uncovered.”

While waiting for the premiere, watch Bae Jong Ok in “Secret Royal Inspector & Joy” below!

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