Kang Dong Won Shares A Connection With Lee Mi Sook, Jung Eun Chae, And More In Upcoming Film “The Plot”

Upcoming film “The Plot” has shared stills featuring Kang Dong Won, Kim Hong Fa, Lee Moo Saeng, Jung Eun Chae, Kim Shin Rok, Lee Hyun Wook, Lee Dong Hwi, and Tang Jun Sang!

“The Plot” tells the story of Young Il, a designer who specializes in disguising contract killings as accidents, and the unexpected events that unfold when he becomes entangled in an unforeseen incident. Kang Dong Won will star as Young Il, whose area of expertise is disguising murders as accidental deaths.

The stills showcase the contrasting duality of Young Il. In one photo, he is captured looking at someone with an affectionate expression on his face, while in another, he is captured with an intense gaze.

The next photo captures insurance expert Lee Chi Hyun (Lee Moo Saeng). He has a smile on his face, but his inscrutable and cool demeanor piques viewers’ curiosity about his true intentions.

More stills depict Jackie (Lee Mi Sook), a veteran member of the Samkwang Security Team. She appears frail in one photo, while in another, she commands attention with her strong aura.

The next stills capture Joo Sung Jik (Kim Hong Fa), Young Il’s murder target, and Young Il’s client, Joo Young Sun (Jung Eun Chae). Viewers can’t help wondering about the connection between these two and what their motives are.

In the next photo, detective Yang Kyung Jin (Kim Shin Rok) is captured with a relaxed smile and a sharp gaze typical of detectives.

The following stills give a glimpse of the amazing skills of Wol Chun (Lee Hyun Wook), the Samkwang Security team’s disguise expert. The stills also show hacker Ha Woo Jeo (Lee Dong Hwi), who has a knack for creating sensational online controversies, and Jum Man (Tang Jun Sang), the youngest member of the Samkwang Security Team.

“The Plot” will be released on May 29.

While you wait, watch Kang Dong Won in “Peninsula” below:

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