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Park Sung Hoon joined Singles Korea for the magazine’s June issue!

Regarding his recent hit drama “Queen of Tears,” he shared, “I figured viewers would enjoy it given it’s screenwriter Park Ji Eun’s creation. The script was captivating, and I had confidence in the casting. However, it still exceeded my expectations, garnering even more love than I had imagined.”

When asked about the response to his portrayal of the villain Yoon Eun Sung, he mentioned, “I heard plenty of remarks like, ‘I don’t want to watch when you’re on screen,’ and, ‘It’s exasperating.'”

Drawing attention for his immersive reaction to the final episode, he remarked, “Personally, since I empathized with Eun Sung, I felt a mix of bitterness and pity, though his actions crossed the line. Seeing Hae In and Hyun Woo’s happy ending, I felt touched yet gratified. When Hyun Woo bid farewell to Hae In at the end, seeing his back as he walked away with his hair now white brought tears to my eyes.”

When asked about the contrast between his characters Jeon Jae Joon in “The Glory” and Yoon Eun Sung in “Queen of Tears,” Park Sung Hoon explained, “Jeon Jae Joon embraced flamboyant styling, whereas Yoon Eun Sung opted for a more subdued and formal approach. Additionally, Jeon Jae Joon used a high-pitched tone and emphasized intonation, while Yoon Eun Sung preferred a lower voice to control emotions. In moments of anger, Jeon Jae Joon projected dominance with a sharp tone and raised voice, while Yoon Eun Sung maintained a calm demeanor, focusing on depth of expression.”

He also outlined his criteria for choosing projects, stating, “I believe it should be enjoyable. Whether it’s comedy or a moving drama, it must be entertaining across genres. It’s not just for our own pleasure, but it should resonate with a wide audience.”

He also talked about his upcoming play “Bbangya,” noting, “It’s been seven years since I last performed on stage in Daehak-ro. Personally, I’m excited to collaborate with a director I admire. Returning to the stage after such a long break feels nerve-racking, especially with a show that runs for over three hours and has a huge number of lines. It’s a mix of excitement and pressure, but I’m putting in extra practice for our audience.”

Park Sung Hoon shared, “My main goal for the remainder of 2024 is to wrap up ‘Bbangya’ performances successfully. I’ve heard that Netflix plans to release ‘Squid Game 2’ by the end of the year’s second half. I hope it goes smoothly. I’m excited about the prospects of a productive 2025.”

He concluded, “I appreciate the love from viewers of ‘Queen of Tears’ worldwide. While filming a movie in Thailand, locals cheered, ‘Queen of Tears,’ ‘Yoon Eun Sung!’ It was heartwarming. I thank everyone who supported the show, cheered for the ‘Baek-Hong Couple,’ and even those who had some fun disliking Eun Sung. I’ll show a new side of myself in my next project.”

The full pictorial and interview will be available in the magazine’s June issue!

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