Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Jung Ha, Jin Goo, And Jo Ah Ram Impress At Script Reading For

tvN’s upcoming drama “The Auditors” has shared photos from its script reading!

“The Auditors” tells the story of a cold-blooded audit team leader and a new hire burning with passion at JU Construction’s audit office where corruption is rampant.

Director Kwon Young Il and director Ju Sang Gyu were present at the script reading along with cast members Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Jung Ha, Jin Goo, Jo Ah Ram, Jung Moon Sung, Jung Dong Hwan, and Baek Hyun Jin.

Among the cast, Shin Ha Kyun’s performance as the cold and pragmatic audit team leader Shin Cha Il, who lacks trust in people, was particularly noteworthy. His presence was striking as he smoothly delivered his lines without missing a beat. Throughout the scene, praise for him was heard from all quarters of the room.

Playing the rookie auditor Gu Han Soo, Lee Jung Ha brought warmth to his gaze and speech, contrasting with the character Shin Cha Il. Guided by Shin Ha Kyun’s lead, they exchanged dialogue seamlessly, displaying strong teamwork right from their first meeting. Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha’s synergy draws anticipation for Shin Cha Il and Gu Han Soo’s interactions in the drama.

In contrast, Jin Goo, portraying JU Construction’s vice president Hwang Dae Woong, who clashes with audit team leader Shin Cha Il, brought a distinctive intensity to the scene with his authoritative presence. His decisive language and strong demeanor upheld a tense atmosphere, sparking curiosity about the character Hwang Dae Woong.

Jo Ah Ram brought out the unwavering elite qualities of Yoon Seo Jin, the new member of the audit team. With a consistently cold gaze and clear speech, she professionally interacted with her colleague Gu Han Soo while maintaining boundaries. Her portrayal of Yoon Seo Jin’s character, who strictly adheres to rules, piqued curiosity.

In addition, Jung Moon Sung, portraying Hwang Se Woong, the president of JU Construction, engaged in a fierce power struggle with Jin Goo’s character, delivering a compelling performance that heightened the realism of the drama.

Meanwhile, Jung Dong Hwan, portraying Mr. Bang, the seasoned leader of JU Construction, commands respect with his unmatched experience, even from the brothers Hwang Se Woong and Hwang Dae Woong who dare not challenge him.

Finally, Baek Hyun Jin brought humor to the storyline with his portrayal of Senior Manager Yang, the amiable but detestable senior manager.

With the actors fully embracing their roles, the script reading session took on the atmosphere of a workplace, reflecting the emotions of office workers and laborers. Consequently, anticipation is growing for the audit team to take action and hold villains accountable for corruption.

“The Auditors” will premiere on tvN in July.

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