Watch: Roh Jeong Eui, Lee Chae Min, And More Clash Over Varied Agendas In Teen Drama

Netflix’s “Hierarchy” has unveiled its poster and main trailer!

“Hierarchy” is a passionate high-teen drama full of love and jealousy and follows the story that unfolds when transfer students who harbor secrets enter Jooshin High School, where the top 0.01 percent of students reign as the law and order.

The newly released poster grabs attention with the tense vibe of Jung Jae Yi (Roh Jeong Eui), the daughter of the powerful Jaeyool Group and the reigning queen of Jooshin High School. Beyond her icy exterior, her worried expression piques curiosity about the secret she’s hiding, while the cell phone in her hand adds to the mystery.

Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min), a transfer student, catches attention with his unique tie color among the well-to-do students. Despite his scarred face, his eyes gleam with determination. His clenched fist hints at the possibility of the new transfer student challenging the status quo at the esteemed school, igniting curiosity.

The school’s hierarchy and rules, embodied by Kim Ri An (Kim Jae Won), also appear somewhat unstable. The contrast between Yoon He Ra (Chi Hae Won), ambitious and possibly eyeing the top spot currently held by Queen Jae Yi, and Lee Woo Jin (Lee Won Jung), who observes them with an inscrutable expression, adds to the intrigue. Above all, the phrase “everyone has a secret worth dying for” suggests a powerful storm looming over the school.

Meanwhile, the newly released main trailer intensifies the suspense with an exciting teen scandal sparked by unforeseen conflicts. With an uneasy look, Jung Jae Yi pulls the trigger, whispering, “I killed someone. I said I killed someone.”

The recent death of a student suggests troubling events ahead at Jooshin High School.

However, Kang Ha’s transfer to the school disrupts the perfect and sturdy order. Filled with anger, Kang Ha vows, “I’m going to expose it,” as he chases the secret hidden within the school. Meanwhile, Kim Ri An displays hostility towards Kang Ha, asserting that there’s a reason why humans lose their fear. Moreover, Kim Ri An’s shock at receiving a breakup notice from Jung Jae Yi adds more intrigue to the evolving story.

Amid escalating tensions between Kang Ha and Kim Ri An, Jae Yi receives a threatening text message from an unknown sender. Jae Yi’s question, “Is there a single thing you’re fine with others knowing?” followed by the confusion and tears of Jae Yi, Ri An, He Ra, and Woo Jin, hints at a troubling divide among them.

Kang Ha, sporting a navy tie, catches attention at the exclusive party for the elite 0.01%, prompting curiosity about the truth he’ll unveil despite the mocking glances. As their deeply buried secret, one worth dying for, comes to light, anticipation grows for the truth they’ll face amid their turmoil.

Director Bae Hyeon Jin stressed, “Jooshin High School takes pride in its established order, which has never been challenged,” noting, “We meticulously worked on the details of each space, like the designs, textures, and lighting.” He added, “We also used structural elements to serve as metaphors about the characters’ circumstances, from the old building, which embodies the school’s pride and traditions, to the staircases, which represent the hierarchy at Jooshin.”

Watch the main teaser here:

“Hierarchy” will premiere on June 7.

While waiting, watch Roh Jeong Eui in “Dear.M” below:

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