Lee Chae Min Disrupts The Peace At An Exclusive High School In New Teen Drama

Netflix has unveiled new stills from its upcoming drama “Hierarchy”!

“Hierarchy” is a passionate high-teen drama about love, jealousy, and the story that unfolds when a transfer student with secrets enters Jooshin High School, which is ruled by an elite group of students.

In the new stills, Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min) eagerly steps up to the podium during the school’s opening ceremony, drawing the attention of Yoon He Ra (Chi Hae Won) and Lee Woo Jin (Lee Won Jung).

Another set of stills captures Kang Ha’s first encounter outside of school with the reigning queen of Jooshin High School, Jung Jae Yi (Roh Jeong Eui). The intense eye contact between them, with Jung Jae Yi looking somewhat unsettled and Kang Ha watching her with an unreadable expression, sparks curiosity about the potential outcomes of their meeting.

Meanwhile, Kang Ha’s constant presence unsettles Kim Ri An (Kim Jae Won)’s perfectly organized life, causing noticeable tension. When Kang Ha confidently holds hands with Jung Jae Yi in front of Kim Ri An, it stirs up a storm of emotions. Kim Ri An shoots Jung Jae Yi an angry glare, while Yoon He Ra’s jealousy added to the moment. Kang Ha’s sudden interest in Jung Jae Yi, who is Kim Ri An’s only weakness, raises questions about his true intentions.


Writer Chu Hye Mi  remarked, “Kang Ha’s daring move as he comes between the solid and prestigious ‘royal family’ is akin to tossing a small stone into a pond. It makes Jooshin High School’s students, including Ri An, Jae Yi, He Ra, and Woo Jin, ask themselves the question, ‘Could something be wrong?’ And as they look back at their own choices, they mature. It’d be worthwhile to observe how their emotions change as they encounter unforeseen circumstances and deal with the resulting confusion.”

Director Bae Hyun Jin also emphasized, “It’s a tale of [students] striving to safeguard their desires within the rigid class society crafted by adults.”

“Hierarchy” will premiere on June 7.

In the meantime, watch Roh Jeong Eui in “Dear.M” below:

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