Ahn Bo Hyun Talks About How He Started Modeling And Shares Thoughts On His Acting Career

Ahn Bo Hyun posed for Singles Korea for the magazine’s July issue!

In the interview that followed his photo shoot, Ahn Bo Hyun shared some insight into his background. As he is known for his athleticism, he explained, “I was tall from a young age, so I received numerous offers from sports clubs such as basketball, volleyball, and boxing. My middle school had a boxing club, and I found it to be a really cool sport. Because it’s an individual sport, it constantly pushed and expanded my physical and mental limits, and I found that appealing.”

Reflecting on his entry into the modeling industry, Ahn Bo Hyun recalled,  “Modeling was purely a path that I stumbled onto by chance. Around the time that I stopped [boxing] due to an injury, my friends and family suggested I try fashion modeling because of my height. At the time, I was confident about any work that required using my body, so I boldly took on the challenge without knowing much about it.”

Regarding his acting roles, he stated, “It’s gratifying when people remember my name, but there’s also a special satisfaction when they call me by my character’s name like ‘Jin Yi Soo,’ ‘Gu Woong,’ or ‘Jang Geun Won.’ It shows that I’ve made a lasting impression with that role. As an actor, I strive to portray diverse facets through characters rather than simply showcasing myself as a person. Following ‘Itaewon Class,’ I was offered many villain roles, but instead of opting for similar characters, I chose ‘Yumi’s Cells‘ to display a completely different side. I often take these factors into account when selecting projects.”

When asked about the action genre in particular, Ahn Bo Hyun remarked, “Many see my physique as suitable for detective or action roles. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the action genre. The thrill of action sequences is that it isn’t just about my individual movements, but about syncing and collaborating with the other actors to create something cohesive. It’s not an instant process; it requires extensive practice for each and every scene, which makes the journey enjoyable. Watching the final product on screen or through broadcasts gives me a thrilling sensation.”

When asked about roles he wants to try next, he replied, “After ‘Itaewon Class,’ I would like to play a proper villain once again. I also want to try my hand at a superhero role. Watching ‘Moving’ sparked my curiosity about how they filmed those scenes, as well as admiration for the actors who pulled it off and the CG technology involved. I’m eager to explore different genres and new types of filming and production.”

Ahn Bo Hyun’s full pictorial and interview will be available in the magazine’s July issue.

In the meantime, watch Ahn Bo Hyun in “Military Prosecutor Doberman” below:

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