Watch: Kim Ha Neul Catches Her Husband Jung Gyu Woon Having An Affair With Ki Eun Se In

Disney+ has shared a tense preview for its upcoming drama “Red Swan”!

“Red Swan” will tell the story of Oh Wan Soo (Kim Ha Neul), a former golfer who enters high society when she marries the heir of Hwain Group. After her life is threatened due to a fierce battle over succession, Wan Soo comes face-to-face with the Hwain family’s secret due to her bodyguard Seo Do Yoon (Rain).

The newly released teaser video kicks off by showing the struggles Oh Wan Soo, who fights to protect her own beliefs that contradict with her life as the daughter-in-law and face of Hwain Group. Wan Soo’s words, “I will fight until the end for a better world,” suggests her strong will, raising anticipation as to whether she will be able to maintain her position in Hwain Group until the end.

Seo Do Yoon joins Hwain Group as Wan Soo’s bodyguard. He tells her, “From now on, don’t trust anyone and stay by my side. I will protect you,” and saves her from continued death threats as he tries to find the hidden culprit.

Wan Soo’s husband and the successor to Hwain Group Kim Yong Guk (Jung Gyu Woon) previews his uncontrollable side by saying, “I am not incompetent but just irresponsible.”

On top of this, Tae Ra (Ki Eun Se) is captured having a war of nerves with Wan Soo over Yong Guk, making viewers curious to find out what will happen to the people entangled with Hwain Group.

Watch the full teaser below!

Also check out the eye-catching character posters below:

“Red Swan” is set to premiere on July 3. Check out another teaser here!

Also watch Kim Ha Neul in “Nothing Uncovered” below:

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And watch Rain in “Ghost Doctor”:

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