Watch: Jo Jin Woong, Greg Han, Lee Kwang Soo, And More Engage In Fierce Bounty Hunt In

The upcoming mystery thriller drama “No Way Out : The Roulette” has unveiled a gripping first teaser!

“No Way Out : The Roulette” is an upcoming drama depicting the fierce battle among individuals with no way out, ignited by a nationwide bounty of 20 billion won (approximately $14.5 million) on the life of a notorious criminal about to be released from prison.

The teaser begins with an unidentified man, known as Masked Man, spinning a roulette that lands on the name Kim Gook Ho (Yoo Jae Myung), a criminal who is being released after his 13-year imprisonment. The rules of the roulette are laid out: “Select the target and spin the roulette to determine the action and reward.”

Tensions escalate as the roulette stops at “20 billion won” and “kill.” Detective Baek Joong Sik (Jo Jin Woong), ironically tasked with protecting the infamous Kim Gook Ho, declares, “There’s now a 20 billion won bounty on your head.” The teaser then shows various individuals armed with guns and knives, ready to carry out the assassination for the reward.

The teaser concludes with someone saying, “It doesn’t matter how you kill him. But it’s better if you kill him with style,” followed by characters like Lee Sang Bong (Kim Moo Yeol), Ahn Myung Ja (Yum Jung Ah), Seo Dong Ha (Sung Yoo Bin), Mr. Smile (Greg Han), Yoon Chang Jae (Lee Kwang Soo), and Sung Joon Woo (Kim Sung Cheol) appearing, each with their own motives and methods in approaching Kim Gook Ho.

Watch the intense teaser with English subtitles below:

“No Way Out : The Roulette” is set to premiere on July 31.

While waiting, watch Jo Jin Woong in “The Policeman’s Lineage”:

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