Jo Aram Talks About Her Character In Upcoming Drama “The Auditors”

Actress Jo Aram has talked about her upcoming drama “The Auditors”!

“The Auditors” is a new drama starring Shin Ha Kyun as Shin Cha Il, a tough and level-headed audit team leader who values rational thinking over emotion. Lee Jung Ha will star as Gu Han Soo, an emotional new hire who is Shin Cha Il’s polar opposite in many ways.

Jo Aram plays Yoon Seo Jin, a rational new employee on JU Construction’s audit team. Known for her keen intellect, striking appearance, and self-assured demeanor, Yoon Seo Jin takes pride in her precise and efficient work. While she excels professionally, she maintains a guarded demeanor, keeping her emotions in check not only with her main motivator Gu Han Soo but also with her fellow team members.

Jo Aram expressed her initial impression of the project, stating, “I was drawn to the unique narrative of an audit team in a construction company.” She continued, “When I first saw the character of Yoon Seo Jin, she seemed cold on the surface, but I felt she was someone with depth and a lot of determination underneath. I was fascinated by those aspects, so I wanted to express this character well.”

Describing the character Yoon Seo Jin with three keywords—precise, tsundere (cold outward behavior while actually warm and caring), and persistent—Jo Aram explained, “Seo Jin is someone who is perfect at her job and is careful not to reveal her true feelings to others. She is quick-witted and makes rational judgments rather than emotional ones. She faces difficulties and trials courageously, persistently tackling them without giving up.”

Regarding how she prepared for a meticulous character like Yoon Seo Jin, Jo Aram revealed, “Since Seo Jin works on the audit team that is a professional department, I looked up a lot of related books to learn about accounting and audit theories. As it is the role of a rookie employee, I focused on understanding how things work within the company and the tasks typically handled by new employees.”

On how she portrayed the emotional journey of Yoon Seo Jin, who gradually becomes confused about her work life due to the audit team leader Shin Cha Il, Jo Aram shared, “I put a lot of effort into researching the details and facial expressions to naturally portray the subtle changes in her emotions.”

Lastly, Jo Aram picked the audit team’s activities and the unique characters as key points to look forward to in “The Auditors.” She stated, “I think viewers will have fun watching the parts where the audit team uses cool and unique methods to catch the villains who try to embezzle. The unique traits of the characters will also be an interesting aspect to watch.”

“The Auditors” will premiere on July 6 at 9:20 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Jo Aram in “The Killer’s Shopping List” below!

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