Lim Ji Yeon Is A Mysterious Figure Lingering Around Jeon Do Yeon In Upcoming Film

Upcoming film “Revolver” has shared a sneak peek of Lim Ji Yeon’s character!

“Revolver” is a new film about a former police officer named Ha Soo Young (Jeon Do Yeon) who goes to prison after taking the fall for a crime. Upon her release, she dedicates herself to a singular goal in life.

Lim Ji Yeon will star in the film as Jung Yoon Sun, also known as “Madam Jung” from the nightclub implicated in Soo Young’s corruption case, who is the only person to visit Soo Young on the day of her release from prison. When Soo Young questions how Madam Jung knew her release date and who sent her, she simply hands Soo Young a bottle of whiskey as a gift and then disappears without answering any of her questions. Later, Madam Jung continues to linger around Soo Young, and it’s unclear whether she is an ally or a potential betrayer keeping watch on her every move.

In the movie, Lim Ji Yeon forms an intriguing dynamic with Jeon Do Yeon, who maintains a stoic demeanor throughout the story, creating a compelling contrast.

Explaining why she chose to appear in the film, Lim Ji Yeon stated, “I was deeply impressed by the charm of Yoon Sun, who seems like a burst of energy in a quiet film. I wanted to try delivering Yoon Sun’s lines in a fun and entertaining way.”

“Though she appears simple, she’s actually a complex and thoughtful individual,” continued the actress. “I wanted to subtly portray the sense of camaraderie and ambiguous feelings she experiences while assisting Soo Young.”

Lim Ji Yeon also discussed her approach to styling, saying, “I opted for vibrant colors that contrasted with Soo Young’s attire, and I tried to incorporate unique items like eye-catching accessories, high heels, and brightly colored knee-high socks.”

Director Oh Seung Wook commented, “In her portrayal of Yoon Sun, Lim Ji Yeon has brought out a side of herself that I haven’t seen in other works. When Yoon Sun’s true nature is revealed, it feels like her mask suddenly drops.”

“Revolver” will hit theaters on August 7. Check out a teaser for the film here!

In the meantime, watch Lim Ji Yeon in “Lies Hidden in My Garden” below:

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