Jeon Do Yeon, Ji Chang Wook, And Lim Ji Yeon Are Entangled With Each Other In Upcoming Film “Revolver”

Upcoming film “Revolver” has shared new stills featuring Jeon Do Yeon, Ji Chang Wook, and Lim Ji Yeon!

“Revolver” is a new film about a former police officer named Ha Soo Young (Jeon Do Yeon) who goes to prison after taking the fall for a crime. Upon her release, she dedicates herself to a singular goal in life.

The released stills capture former police officer Ha Soo Young, who was promised a big payoff but lost everything, Andy (Ji Chang Wook), who betrayed her, and Jung Yoon Sun (Lim Ji Yeon), whose true intentions remain unclear.

The film aims to captivate viewers with the psychological tension created by the characters surrounding Soo Young and the strange chemistry between them.

Director Oh Seung Wook introduced “Revolver” as “the struggle of a person who was almost invisible” and emphasized, “All the characters in the movie have gone through or lived in terrible times to get to where they are,” highlighting the diverse narratives of the characters around Soo Young.

Producer Park Min Jung also offered a viewing tip, saying, “”If you follow the characters that Ha Soo Young encounters one by one, you will have fun finding the MacGuffin of the film.”

There is also great anticipation for the synergy created by the actors playing these distinctive characters.

Director Oh Seung Wook described the film as “a movie that focuses on faces.” He explained, “It showcases a variety of expressions that reveal what characters want to hide or display.”

Jeon Do Yeon expressed her satisfaction, saying, “The movie has become incredibly rich thanks to the participation of so many great actors.” Ji Chang Wook added, “It will be interesting to see how far Ha Soo Young goes and how she gets there.”

Lim Ji Yeon further heightened viewers’ expectations, sharing, “It’s a captivating film with fascinating chemistry that arises from the dilemmas and clashes between the characters.”

“Revolver” is set to hit theaters on August 7.

While waiting, watch Jeon Do Yeon in “Memories of the Sword” below!

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