Win a SOOMPI Shirt Signed by Se7en by Spreading the SOOMPI Love!

Hello party peeps! Got more goodies for you guys �de42

We have been lucky to get four SOOMPI shirts signed by Se7en himself! So we have decided to hold a "Spread the SOOMPI Love Contest" to give away the shirts to four lucky members.

Here’s how it works – There will be two (yes TWO!) drawings to give away the shirts – one on Monday, December 10th and another on New Year’s Day, January 1. We will give away 2 shirts at each drawing – each drawing will be a new chance to win. How do I enter to win you ask? By spreading the SOOMPI love, of course! Each member who invites and has seven non-Soompier friends register at is automatically entered to win – just use the "Invite a Friend" link on your profile page and we will send your friend a link to track their sign-up.

**Special thanks to our super community member who got the t-shirts signed for us – you know who you are!**

Don’t forget to check out the Se7en SOOMPI Fan Club »

A couple other things to note:

Be sure to check out the OFFICIAL SOOMPI BLOG regularly! We will be posting important information there concerning… SOOMPI!

One exciting item is that we’re looking for people to help launch a C-Pop version of SOOMPI — that’s right, SOOMPI for Chinese music, dramas, films, and more! View the OFFICIAL SOOMPI BLOG for more info!!

Finally, do you love SOOMPI?? Show your love by sporting one of our cool T-shirts! We have brown "I HEART SOOMPI" and green SOOMPI ROYALE styles. Check out our STORE!