New albums and singles preview 2009 - June week 1

8Eight Vol. 3 – Golden Age (Repackaged Version) (June 12)
01 Goodbye My Love
02 No One Cries Because They Want To
03 Now Painful Enough
04 Meeting
05 The Light of My Life
06 Poor Sunflower
07 Don’t Endure
08 Numbers
09 Can’t Stop
10 You said you loved me
11 Freedom  
12 Without a Heart  

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8eight return with a repackaged edition which includes their latest hit song ‘Without a Heart’, along with two new songs: ‘Goodbye My Love’ and ‘No One Cries Because They Want To’. Bang Shi Hyuk, who produced the album, composed the song ‘Goodbye My Love’. The song is a hybrid of grungy guitar and an ambiance of hip hop rhythm. 8eight and Dynamic duo come together again for the song ‘No One Cries Because They Want To’. The song has a vintage rock sound, familiar melodies and lyrics everyone can easily relate to.





Untouchable 1st mini-album (June 10)
01 Wassup
02 Oh
03 Monday Blues (Feat. Hwa Young)
04 Change The World
05 My Boo(Feat. Jun Hyo Sung& Han Sun Hwa).

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After their hot debut album, Untouchable return with their first mini album. They stripped away the heaviness of their previous hip hop album and came back with exciting hip hop songs and sweet ballads that are appropriate for the summer. Their title song ‘Oh’ takes them another step toward becoming major hip hop musicians. Many will relate to the lyrics of ‘Monday Blues (feat. Hwa Young)’. It is about how you would want to escape from those miserable Monday mornings. ‘My Boo’ has a lovely melody like lovers whispering sweet nothings to each other.





Yoon Gun & Lee Hyori (single) – Beauty (released)
01 Beauty

Yoon Gun and Lee Hyori join hands with Humming Urban Stereo for a project single titled Beauty. It is a light and fresh song in the usual Humming Urban Stereo style. Yoon Gun shows off his light and refreshing vocals, taking a step away from his serious image. Lee Hyori sweetly expresses how a women has recently fallen in love.





Kara (single) – I Musician (released)
01 Same Heart

Kara come back with another song, ‘Same Heart’, which will be featured on the game I-Musician. Han Jae Ho and Kim Sung Soo are again the ones working with Kara. Their previous songs ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Honey’ gained Kara success. ‘Same Heart’ is said to have Kara’s specialty, which is being upbeat and lively, a perfect fit for a summer song.





K.Will (single) – One Droplet In A Second (released)
01 One Droplet In A Second (feat. Dynamic Duo)

‘One Droplet In A Second’ is a ballad with an acoustic feel containing vocals that are both sweet and filled with sorrow. The track also features Dynamic Duo rapping about the heartbreak of separating. The song is already gaining popularity among music lovers.





Clazziquai (single) – Wizard of Oz (released)
01 Wizard of Oz

Clazziquai’s first single of 2009 is for LGT’s commercial ‘We Live in OZ’. The single ‘Wizard of Oz’ has their trademark electronic sounds, but gives off the feeling that you are on a traveling around the world. DJ Clazzi, the leader and producer, kept the melodies strong and addictive. Fans will be not be disappointed with the single that brought Clazziquai together after a 2-year absence in the music scene.





Other releases:


T-ok! – Were T-ok! (released)

Steady B – Steady Lady (June 8)

Yang Ha Young – 베스트 (June 9)

Yeo Jin – Yeo Jin (June 9)

Poong Kyung – 그래서 그랬던거야 (June 9)

Vins – 감수성 (June 11)

Run Yellow Vol. 1 – Never Forget (June 11)



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