New albums and singles preview 2009 - July week 1

2NE1 mini-album Vol. 1 (July 8)
01 Fire
02 I Don’t Care
03 In the Club
04 Let’s Go Party
05 Pretty Boy
06 Stay Together
07 Lollipop

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New group, 2NE1 who has released singles Lollipop and Fire has finally debuted with their first album with the title track, I Don’t Care. Previously, 2NE1 had reached number one on the charts with Lollipop without any performance promotion and later reached number one with Fire. The title track, I Don’t Care was composed and penned by Teddy and Kush of Stonyskunk. The song is more of a soft “reggae melody” R&B Pop track compared to their previous faster beats and stronger hip-hop melodies.





Seo Taiji Vol. 8 – Atomos (released)
01 Moai
02 Human Dream
03 T’ik T’ak
04 Bermuda (Triangle)
05 Juliet
06 Coma
07 Replica
08 Morning Snow
09 Moai (remix)
10 T’ik T’ak (remix)
11 Bermuda (remix)
12 Coma (Nature)

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Seo Taiji’s 8th album, Atomos has finally been released. From this past July, Seo had been releasing singles included in this album, 4.5 years since his 7th album. The album also includes brand new mixings of the past released singles, which will be of much enjoyment to fans. There are two new tracks, Replica and Morning Snow to add to the collection.





Hwa Yobi – The Gold (released)
01 Habit’s Knock
02 Fool
03 How Are You
04 Let’s Count How Many Kisses We Had Between Each Other
05 Stained Winter
06 Turn Around
07 Lie
08 Forgotten Season
09 Excape Immediately
10 I’m Sorry But Let’s Do It This Way
11 Can You Tell Me?
12 That Kind of Result
13 Tears
14 Butterfly In the Desert
15 Whenever

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R&B diva, Hwayobi who has been in the music industry for ten years has released her best album, titled Gold. Included in the album are some of her hits including her debut track, Lie, remake song, Let’s Count How Many Kisses We Had Between Each Other, ballad, That Kind of Result, How Are You, and Turn Around.






Yangpa (single) –Soul OST (released)
01 Soul

Starting from next month, a new drama series, Soul starring Lee Seo Jin, Lee Joo Eun, Gul In (Cho Sin Sung), Lee Jin, and Jiyun (T-ara) will air. It is about a spirit punishing by entering the protagonist’s body. The song Yangpa will be singing for this series is Soul which was composed by Bang Shi Hyuk who also composed Baek Ji Young’s Like Being Hit By a Bullet. This ballad number has a sad melody as well as a rock tinge to it.





Namolla Family (single) – Lure (released)
01 Lured (feat. Gong Bo Kyung)
02 Are You Going (feat Go Eun)
03 It’s a Reason (feat. Gong Bo Kyung)

Namolla Family returns to the music scene this summer with a fresh digital single. After releasing their second album, the group has gained much more fame as singers than as comedians. The title track is Lured featuring Gong Bo Kyung. It is a dance track with retro sounds perfect for the summer season. Other songs included in the album are Are You Going which was composed by famous Han Sang Won and It’s A Reason, which was composed by Isu.





Other releases:


Yoon Sang Vol. 6 – 그땐 몰랐던 일들 (released)

Ok Ju Hyun & The Ray (single) – SS Life 2nd (released)

Flower Go Yoo Jin (single) – Because I’m A Fool (released)

LMq – Pieria (July 6)

House Rulez Vol. 2.5 – Pool Party (July 7)

Blue Ocean – Daman (July 8)

ZaZa – Summer Dream (July 8)

Guyz – Mysterious Fret (July 9)



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