Today (Feb 4), YounHa attends her special high school graduation at HwiGyeong High School – Seoul. It was previously reported that YounHa was down with laryngitis and stopped her singing activities.

Why special : YounHa dropped out of high school on
2004 for her singing career in Japan, yet, she managed to accomplish
the graduation condition via the surrogate method given by the school.

YounHa is currently enrolled to Hankuk University majoring in Japanese and is in her 3rd year.

Meanwhile, other stars who also receives their high school diploma today are : BEAST Son DongWoon who is accompanied by his hyungs DooJoon, HyunSeung, YoSeob and JunHyung and 2AM Jung JinWoon who is accompanied as well by his hyung Lee ChangMin.


BEAST DongWoon

2AM JinWoon