Upcoming Drama "Bad Guy" Preview And Stills

To be honest, I wasn’t too excited about the new SBS drama Bad
, but I’m warming up to it. Especially after seeing the
preview video, which is GREAT. (Watch below.) Maybe it’s because I’ve
been watching a lot of romance and comedy lately, but I’m in the mood
for something dark, and the tone of this drama seems to be just what I’m
looking for — a bit of melodrama, mystery, and thriller-esque

Not only that, the acting looks pretty solid, which is to be expected
with Kim Nam-gil but a nice surprise for Kim
, who hasn’t really had a chance to stretch himself
dramatically yet. Nor has Han Ga-in, and maybe this’ll
be a big jump for her; I’ll keep an open mind about her with this foray
into heavier material, which — who knows? — may end up suiting her
better than cute romantic-heroine fare.

Watch Preview Video

The trailer opens with Kim Nam-gil’s narration: “The thing about cats
is… they don’t just bite a mouse once and kill it. They pretend to let
it go and play around with it, and finally kill the mouse when they get
tired of it.” This is his way of describing his revenge plans for the
Haeshin Group — which is the company to whom Tae-sung (Kim
) is heir.

Kim Nam-gil’s Gun-wook meets Tae-sung in Japan, who challenges him on
the bridge, “Now that I’ve told you to try and kill me, are you afraid?
I said, kill!” (Note: there’s a lack of pronouns in the sentence so
Tae-sung could be directing Gun-wook to kill someone else; I am
inferring from context that he’s taunting Gun-wook to try and kill him.)
Further complicating things is their intertwining fates with Jae-in (Han
). Gun-wook is described as an homme fatale, a man with
hardened heart to match his hard body, and ambition enough to sell his
soul to the devil to get what he wants. In these still photos of the
dock, Gun-wook cleans the yacht he lives in, which he has reclaimed from

Still no appearance of Oh Yeon-soo, though the
trailer does remind me of her prior drama La Dolce Vita, which
was also dark and intense. (I personally found that drama a little too
pretentious, but well-acted.)

Bad Guy began its shoots in Japan, and plans to begin
filming in Jeju Island at the end of the month. It will air on SBS in

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