BEG And SNSD Win Awards At The 7th Korean Music Awards

The 7th Korean Music Awards ceremony took place on 30th March in

And amongst the musicians recognized for their music
released in 2009, So Nyeo Shi Dae won “song of the year” with “Gee” and “netizens’ choice group”. Brown Eyed Girls also won two awards for “best dance and electronic album” and “best dance and electronic song”. Drunken Tiger won “best rap/hip-hop album.

Here is the full award winner list.

7th Korean Music Awards

▲Album of the year= Seoul Ensemble (‘Life is Strange’)
▲Song of the year= So Nyeo Shi Dae (‘Gee’)
▲Musician of the year=Seoul Emsemble
▲Newcomer of the year=Guckkasten, Apollo 18
▲Best rock album=Seoul Ensemble(‘Life is Strange’)
▲Best rock song=Guckkasten(‘Mirror’)
▲Best modern rock album=Black Skirts(‘201′)
▲Best modern rock song=Broccolli You Too(‘Letter song’)
▲Best pop album=Lee Sora(7th album)
▲Best pop song=Lee Sora(‘Track8′)
▲Best dance and electronic album=Brown Eyed Girls(‘Sound-G’)
▲Best dance and electronic song=Brown Eyed
▲Best rap and hiphop album=Drunken Tiger(‘Feel gHood Muzik:The 8th
▲Best rap and hiphop song=San Ee(‘Rap Genius’)
▲Best R&B & Soul album=Radi(‘Real Collabo’)
▲Best R&B & Soul song=Jung Yeop(‘You Are My Lady’)
▲Best jazz & crossover jazz album=Song YeongJoo(‘Love Never Fails’)
▲Best jazz & crossover crossover album=Park JooWon(‘집시의 시간’)
▲Best jazz & crossover jazz album best performance=Kim
Chaek&Jung JaeIl(‘The Methodologies’)
▲Best movie TV music=’Mother’
▲Netizens’ choice male artiste=Jung Yeop
▲Netizens’ choice female artiste=Baek JiYoung
▲Netizens’ choice group=So Nyeo Shi Dae
▲Committee special award=Shim SungRak
▲Achievement award=Jo Dong Jin

Song of the Year- “Gee” by Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Netizen’s Pick: Group Musician/Artist of the Year-
Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

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