Monday Kiz Is Back With 3 Members

With member Kim
MinSoo having passed away in a traffic accident
,  former male vocal duo
Monday Kiz regroups as a 3-member group and releases a new single.

The new single ‘New Sentimental’ was released online on April 20. The 2 songs included are “Scattered” and “Why.. of all” and the 2
songs were up #1 and #2 on Cyworld real time charts.

The song “Scattered” is written by Han SangWon who also wrote
the group’s previous hits like “Footstep” and ‘”Destiny. “Why.. of
all” was produced by Lee JinSeong.

The group’s agency commented, “The album is made with the
capabilities added to the team by the new members. We are thankful for
the interests and love shown by everyone.”

Meanwhile, Monday Kiz will release a full-length album on May 20.

Preview the songs from the new single


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