New Albums And Singles Preview - 2010 April Week 4

2PM single Vol. 3 – Don’t
Stop, Can’t Stop

01 Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
Without U

03 As Soon As
04 Risk My Life
05 Without U
(Explorer Mix)
06 Space

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Once again, Park
Jin Young produced 2pm’s latest single that shows the more deeper and
mature musical side. The title track, “Without U” is about how a man is
hurt by a woman’s lies and betrayal. To express the emotion of hurt in a
break up, a piano melody is repeated in the song. You will be able to
see how the members have changed into a more mature, modern and chic
without forgetting to show their ‘2PM style’ in music.

mini-album Vol. 1 – Loveless
(April 28)

01 Let’s Break Up
02 Because Of
03 There Is No Love
04 Because I’m a Man
05 What Can
I do
06 Who Are You (Feat.Bigtone)

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Gummy returns
with a change in genre and vocals. Her new song “There Is No Love” shows
her improvements as a powerful r&b vocalist. The song is about
women who always give their all in loving some but always end up getting
hurt. “Because I’m A Man.” is not Gummy’s usual r&b song, it’s a
hiphop r&b song that has strong beats. The song show’s womens’
perspectives when men slowly show their selfishness as time passes.

Kim Vol. 3 – Heart & Soul
(April 26)

01 Free
02 Only For You
Like a Man

04 Common Love ( Feat. Sean2slow)
05 One Day
The Reason To Leave
07 Friends (Feat. Kang San Ae)
08 Maem Maem
Maem (Feat. Gil Hak Mi, Double K)
09 Last Step
10 I’m A Loner
12 Empty( Feat. Ali, Jung Yeol (Frm.10cm)
14 Oh My Life

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Bobby Kim’s third
album covers various genres such as R&B, folk, soul, rock and pop.
The title song, “Like A Man” is a song with Latin rhythms that is cool
and soaks your heart. The song is about how a man should live proudly
like a man but at times can be weaker than a woman. Bobby Kim said that
this album is about joy, love and loss of his life put altogether. He
hopes that his fans will be able to find hope and their dreams from his

Personal Taste (MBC Drama) OST (April

01 Nonsense (Younha)
Dropping Rain (Kim Tae Woo)
03 My Heart Is Touched (Seeya)
Your Wings (Kim Tae Woo)
05 Making Love (4minute)
06 Like A
Fool (2am)
07 A Queen Bee’s Flight
08 Strange Feeling
09 A
Queem Bee’s Flight (Piano Ver.)
10 Like A Fool [Inst.]
Making Love[Inst.] – Guitar Ver.
12 Your Wings [Inst.]
13 My
Heart Is Touched [Inst.]
14 Dropping Rain[Inst.] – Violin Ver.
Nonsense [Inst.] – Piano Ver.

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As trendy and
bright as the drama is, so are the artists that have participated in
this OST album. You will be able to hear an attractive mix of cheerful
pop sounds and Younha’s vocals in “Nonsense”. Kim Tae Woo who had worked
with Lee Hyun Seung on his last hit song, “Love Rain” come back
together with their latest hit song “Dropping Rain.” See Ya’s “My Heart
Is Touched” is a mid-tempo song, those who have been in love can easily
relate to this love song. “Making Love” is a trendy song with lovely
lyrics sung by the hot girl group 4minute.

Sister (KBS Drama) OST
(April 27)

1. It Has To Be You (Super
Junior (Yesung))

2. Calling Out (FX (Luna, Krystal))
3. Smile
Again (Lee Yoon Jong)
4. It Was You (Jm)
5. Save My
Love!(Pink Toniq)
6. Cinderella’s Sister
7. Smiling
Bossa Nova
9. Then, At That Place
10. If You Love Me
11. Back
12. Minor Waltz
13. Slow Walk
14. Regret
Maternal Love
16. Save My Love! (Rock Version)(Pink Toniq)

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KBS Drama
“Cinderella’s Sister” has a star-studded OST. The title track “It Has
To Be You” has been receiving an explosive amount of love from fans. The
chorus has unforgettable sweet melodies that are addicting. The second
title track, “Calling Out” is about how two female leads who experienced
the growing pains in their childhood as love and grief are expressed in
this song. “Smile Again” is a modern rock song, “It Was You” is a pop
ballad with a touch of jazz, and “Save My Love” is a sweet song.

Yoon Ah Vol. 3 – 315360
(April 27)

01 Release Of A Strange World
Secret Garden
03 Let It Be
04 Going Home
05 Tokyo Blues
Summer Garden
07 에뜨왈르
08 Cat Song
09 Ice Princess
Good Girl
11 Black River
12 Strange Story

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It’s been 6 years
since Kim Yoon Ah’s last solo album and she is finally back. With
marriage and the birth of a child, Kim Yoon Ah took this album to
express her life as a woman. As an established singer songwriter she has
took herself to another level. Through this album you will able to meet
a Kim Yoon Ah you’ve never met before.

Monday Kiz
(single) – New Sentimental

01 Scattered
02 Why..Did

Monday Kiz returns after the loss of their member, Kim Min
Soo in 2008. The group returns with the song, “Scattered.” From the
beginning, the three member’s vocals are reminiscent of the late Kim Min
Soo’s. Lee Jin Sung shows his evident capabilities as a musician as he
composed, arranged, and wrote the lyrics for the song “Why.. Did You”.


B.d Track: Brand New Bd Track (VA) (April 25)
Soo Bin Vol. 1 – Sv The Urbandis (April 27)
Neons 1st EP – A-809
(April 27)
Fanny Fink – 7 Moments (April 27)
2NISE – Creating
Music Into Art (April 28)
Jaywalker – Illusion (April 28)
Moroo –
Remember (April 29)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak,
credits to suejinners for translations

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