Exclusive Interview with Dumbfoundead

Soompi recently scored a video interview with Korean American rapper Dumbfoundead after his Seattle show.  Watch as Dumbfounded talks about a range of topics, including his upcoming projects with Epik High, Drunken Tiger, and MYK, his official YouTube channel, what it feels like to be considered “one of the top ten Asian American greatest rappers of all time“, and of course, his recent collaboration with Jay Park and Clara!  Definitely check his shout-out to Soompi at the beginning and at 4:44, as well as an excerpt from his show at 4:52 (which does contain swear words, so listen at your own discretion). 

Watch the Dumbfoundead video interview here!

Credit: David Fung of Make It in the Motherland, follow me on Twitter @davidbfung and YouTube