Hangeng Accused of Plagiarizing Yunho

Hangeng, who is currently on break from Super Junior, is stirring up drama with his new solo single, “Fire.”

He is accused of having plagiarized Yunho’s “Checkmate,” an original composition performed at DBSK’s Mirotic Concert Tour. Yunho wrote the lyrics and melodies as well as choreographed the dance moves for the song.

People are saying that the two songs sound similar in overall melody and chord accompaniment, but “Fire” is just played in one different key.

Netizens who insist this is plagiarism have commented saying, “he plagiarized a song from a senior singer at the same agency [SM Entertainment]…how disgraceful,” “he subtly changed one note to cleverly avoid [being accused of] plagiarism” and “this is totally the same…I am dumbfounded.”

Others counter-argued saying, “this is not plagiarism, this is ridiculous.”

Here are the two songs, what do you guys think?



Credit- Asiae, gengfans & bambii0u0 @ youtube