KBS Music Bank 10.08.10 Performances

On today’s Music Bank, U-Kiss and miss A make their comeback performances. Ga-In has her solo debut with ““Truth” and “Irreversible”. Also, congratulations to BEAST for taking the win today, ending 2NE1s long winning streak on the various music shows.

Today’s performers include

BEAST, Se7en, SHINee, 2NE1, U-Kiss, miss A , GaIn, Meng Yoona, Moon JiEun, Gavy NJ, 5tion, Oh JongHyuk, Co-Ed, SunMin , Supreme Team, Seo YoungEun feat. PS YongJun , Jang HyeJin, Lim JeongHee , F.T. Island , Kim BumSoo

Comeback Stages

U-Kiss – ” Before Yesterday + Shut Up / 시끄러”

Miss A – “Breathe”

Special Stage

GaIn – “Truth + Irreversible / 진실 + 돌이킬 수 없는”

Today’s Music Bank

Meng Yoona – “Vanilla Bonbon / 바닐라 봉봉”

Moon JiEun – “Hibbye Hibbyo”

Gavy NJ – “Let’s Stop / 그만하자”

5tion – “We’ll love again / 우리 다시 사랑하자”

Oh JongHyuk – “Heart is Beating / 가슴이 뛰잖아”

Co-Ed / 남녀공학 – “Too Late”

SunMin – “Rainbow Bridge”

Supreme Team – “Then Then Then/ 그땐 그땐 그땐”

Seo YoungEun feat. PS YongJun – “You dissolved me / 너는 날 녹여”

Jang HyeJin – “Hidden in Between Time / 가려진 시간 사이로”

Lim JeongHee – “It can’t be real / 진짜일 리 없어”

F.T. Island – “Love Love Love/사랑 사랑 사랑”

Kim BumSoo – “Passing / 지나간다”

BEAST – “Soom / 숨”

Se7en – “I’m going crazy”

SHINee – “Hello”

2NE1 – “Go Away”


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