New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 October Week 5

Coed School 1st mini-album – Something That Is Cheerful And Fresh (released)

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01 Too Late

02 Bbi Ri Bbom Bbae Ri Bbom

03 Words That Make My Heart Jump

04 Too Late (Ver. 2)

05 Too Late (Remix Ver. 1)

06 Too Late (Remix Ver. 2)

07 Bbi Ri Bbom Bbae Ri Bbom (Remix Ver. 1)

08 Bbi Ri Bbom Bbae Ri Bbom (Remix Ver. 2)

 Coed releases its first mini album titled, “Something That is Cheerful and Fresh.” Fans can take a listen to “Too Late” which has strong electro sounds and beats as well as “Bbi Ri Bbom Bbae Ri Bbom,” another electro number with addictive melodies. Also included in the album are emotional pop ballad, “Words That Make My Heart Jump” and remix versions of the former two tracks. Coed is currently busy promoting “Bbi Ri Bbom Bbae Ri Bbom.”



December Vol. 1 – A Story To The Sky (November 1)

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01 Blinding Tears – Title

02 The World Shouts – Title

03 She is Leaving (To a Longing Mother) – Title

04 It’s Okay

05 Are You Coming

06 This Confession

07 Only See You (Part. 2)

08 Nag

09 Be a Star

10 Love is What I Learned

11 Love is Really

12 Women Like Bad Men

13 Came Alone

14 Talk (Hee Jae Part. 3)

15 Once Upon a time

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Male duo, December who has released quite a number of hits including “Can You Not Come Back,” the theme song for the drama series “Iris” along with “Love is Really” has finally released its first studio album, “A Story to the Sky.” The group has returned with new music styles, shifting from their usual medium tempo ballads to lounge music. There are a total of three title tracks – “Blinding Tears,” “The World Shouts,” and “She is Leaving.” The first title track “Blinding Tears” showcases the duo’s vocals skills as they sing about the sadness one feels over a loved one who has passed away. “The World Shouts” on the other hand is a cheerful number about shouting out loud for one’s love. The last title track, “She is Leaving” is a representative December song, that focuses on their harmonization as they sing about the longing felt for a deceased mother. Besides these three songs, the album includes twelve others – four older songs and eight new ones.



4men (mini-album) – Sorry (November 1)

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01 She is Coming Down (Intro of Hello)

02 Hello!

03 Sorry (feat. Mi)

04 Regretting

05 Rode a Subway Before (feat. Bebe Mignon)

06 Like Being Crazy

07 She is Coming Down (Intro of Hello) MR

08 Hello! MR

09 Sorry (feat. Mi) MR

10 Regretting MR

11 Rode a Subway Before MR

12 Like Being Crazy MR

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4MEN releases their second mini album, “Sorry,” this year, one of the most anticipated album the second half of 2010. It is released in midst of their full studio album expected the first half of 2011. All the members of the group took part in producing the songs, making it all the more anticipated. One of the title tracks is “Sorry” an emotional number with lots of feelings put into the song. Another title track is “Hello,” which was penned by Yoo Sung Gyu, an ex-VIBE member who has currently gone solo under the name Noblesse. The song is perfect for the fall season with its bright mood. Also included in the album are “Regretting” a solo song by Shin Yong Jae, “Rode a Subway Before,” a Kim Won Joo solo track, and “Like Being Crazy” a solo sung by Kim Young Jae. Through each of these solo songs, each member is able to show their individual colors as well.



Min Kyung Hoon (single) – Full of Hurt (released)

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01 Full of Hurt

02 Full of Hurt (INST)

Min Kyung Hoon returns after “It Hurts Because It’s Love” with a new digital single titled, “Full of Heart.” It is a sad ballad number about a man who has no choice but to let a loved one go. The song was composed by producer An Young Min who has also written BEAST’s “Clenching One’s Fists Tightly” and penned by Kang Eun Kyung who was also written Davichi’s “8282” along others. A 50 member orchestra and acoustic instruments were used to bring out a warm feel perfect for the fall.



Wax (single) – Two Women (released)

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01 Two Women

02 Two Women INST

Wax, who has recently released a remake album, “WAX Unplugged” this past June has returned with a digital single titled, “Two Women.” The song will be used for the film of the same title starring Shin Eun Kyung and Jung Jun Ho. The movie is based on the theme of love and marriage. The song on the other hand is a medium tempo ballad about the conflict between two women due to love. Wax’s unique vocals are perfect for such song.



Hwang Bo (single) – I’m Still Pretty (released)

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01 I’m Still Pretty

02 I’m Still Pretty INST

Hwang Bo makes a comeback with a new single, “I’m Still Pretty,” a medium tempo emotional number. The song departs from the electro sounds and focuses on the singer’s mature vocals as she sings about the hurt and sadness a woman endures.



Other releases:


Psy (single) – Shin Seung Hoon 20th Anniversary Vol. 4 (released)

9th Street (single) – Twentyth Urban (released)

Girl’s Day (single) – Party #2 (released)

Byul – Identity (released)

Lee Jung (single) – 헤어지는 일 (released)

Yoon Jong Shin – Walk 2010 (November 1)

Yoo Hwa Jae In Vol. 2 – It’s Not Yoru Fault (November 1)

Baramgot Vol. 4 – Baramgot (November 2)

Kim Jang Hoon – Letter To Kim Hyun Sik (November 2)

Lady Jane – 1st single Lady Jane (November 2)

Easy Fm Vol. 1 – 운을 떠다 (November 2)

Park Yong Gyu Quartet – Beautiful Life (November 3)

Sti Vol. 2 – Unique Festival (November 4)

Windycity – Bibim: Meets Srirajah Rockers (November 4)

T-Blue – Transform (November 4)

Acaustic Collabo Vol. 1 – Love Is The Key (November 4)

Vnt 1st single – 소리 (November 5)



Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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