[New MV] BEAST – Beautiful

gif via lackadaisily @ Tumblr


Cube Entertainment boy group BEAST has been very busy since their debut on October 16, 2009. They had their Bad Girl, Mystery, Shock and Special promotions then they’ve been flying here and there for their Asian Tour. Here comes the Soom promotion and the official statement from Cube Ent that they will be debuting in Japan soon. They will also be having their first concert on December 12 this year. Now fans are happy for another promotion for their fourth mini album Lights Go On Again. With their newest title track Beautiful, it’s a brand new concept than we usually see in this group. Fans were able to listen to two radio teasers on Nov 5 and 6. The Lights Go On Again teaser and Beautiful teaser were released on Nov 8 and Nov 10 respectively. They first performed Lights Go On Again and Beautiful on Love Sharing Concert last November 14, 2010.  Now the wait is finally over. Check out the Beautiful Music Video!

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