Kang Dong Won Quietly Enters the Military

Kang Dong Won officially entered the military today to fulfill his two-year mandatory service as a Korean citizen. Kang, 29, appeared at the Nonsan training camp in South Chungcheong at 1 PM (KST) to undergo four weeks of basic training. Afterward, he will serve as a public service worker for the duration of his military duty.


However, Kang’s entertainment agency refused to confirm that actor had indeed begun his service. For months, they had declined to discuss the matter with journalists, saying only that no date has been set and that Kang wished to enter the military quietly.


Fans of Kang Dong Won, who admired his good looks and genuine acting ability in films such as “Secret Reunion” and “Romance of their Own”, will be sure to miss his presence on the movie screen these next two years. His latest film, “The Haunters”, premiered on November 10 and has attracted over one million viewers.


Source: asiae.co.kr