New Albums And Singles Preview – 2010 November Week 3

Gavy NJ mini-album Vol. 1 – Glossy (November 25)

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01 Pick Up the Phone

02 Let’s Meet Again Tomorrow

03 Try It Again

04 Hello Hello…(feat. PostMan)

05 Let’s Stop Here

06 Pick Up the Phone (INST)

07 Let’s Meet Again Tomorrow (INST)

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Gavy NJ, who has received lots of love with their recent single, “Let’s Stop Here” has finally returned with their mini album, “Glossy.” The title track is “Pick Up the Phone” which was composed by hit producer Min Myung Ki who has also written the songs, “Sunflower” and “Love Story” for them. The song was penned by Min Young Jae who also penned 4Men’s “Can’t Do It.” The song is about a girl who feels like going crazy because her ex-boyfriend fails to answer his phone. Also included in the album are sad ballad number, “Let’s Meet Again Tomorrow,” acoustic number, “Try It Again,” and duet number, “Hello Hello.”





Park Jung Hyun – Cover Me Vol. 1 (released)

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01 You Mean Everything To Me

02 Everything Everything! (Reprise)

03 Should I Write You a Letter

04 P.S. I Love You

05 Middle of a Dream

06 My Day (Live)

07 Vincent

08 Flower Defeated By the Wind (Live)

09 [Bonus Track] That Fool

10 The Gold Within (Cosmorama Version)

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Veteran ballad and R&B artist Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) releases a special best album, “Cover Me Vol. 1” which comprises of hit songs from her debut to third studio album. Included in the album are live versions of “My Day” and “Flower Defeated By the Wind,” along with bonus track, “That Fool” and “The Gold Within” which were both part of the soundtrack for the 2009 drama series, “Just Watching from Afar.” This is a must buy for Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) fans.





Untouchable Vol. 2 – Who’s Hot (November 24)

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01 We Got Time

02 Fuss Bruce (feat. Vasco)

03 Hit Da Club

04 Feelin Good (feat. Chance & Peter of One Way)

05 Talk to Me

06 MC (feat. Loptomist, DJ Wegun) (Sleepy Solo)

07 I’m a Balla (feat. Marvel. J, Jepp Blackman, HwaYoung, Broken Lips)

08 Jiggy Get Down (feat. Marco, Big Tray, Deepflow, 9c, Basick, Elly, Joe Brown, Woo Side, Vasco)

09 Baby Girl

10 Makin Move Makin Move

11 Splendid Dream (feat. Paloalto)

12 Get Up (feat. Eluphant)

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Duo hip-hop group, Untouchable returns this month with their second full-length album. The group has been gaining quite some popularity both in the underground and mainstream stages with songs such as “It’s Okay,” “Tell Me Why,” and “Oh.” Top skilled musicians such as Loptimist, Marco, Peejay, and so forth took part in the album, upgrading its quality. The title track is “Fuss Bruce,” a hip-hop number composed by Kim Do Hun and Kang Ji Won. The song is about enjoying and living life, and the catchy beats and exciting lyrics are expected to capture listeners’ ears.





Huh Gak mini-album Vol. 1 – Whenever (released)

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01 Whenever

02 Race the Sky

03 Happy Days (feat. John Park)

04 My Heart

05 Whenever (INST)

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The winner of Super Star K Season 2, Huh Gak releases his first mini album titled, “Whenever.” Included in the album is his debut track, “Whenever,” a cover of Lee Juck’s “Race the Sky,” and “Happy Days” featuring runner up winner, John Park.





Haru OST (November 22)

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01 One Day – SHINee

02 Ring (SNSD Tiffany)

03 Be Led – Bobby Kim

04 Angel (Ballad Version) – Super Junior Sung Min, Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, Ryeo Wook, Kyu Hyun

05 One Day (Rock Version) – SHINee

06 Angel – Super Junior Sung Min, Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, Ryeo Wook, Kyu Hyun

07 One Day Minuet – Oh Jun Sung

08 Shall We Diner – Oh Jun Sung

09 Lovely One Day – Oh Jun Sung

10 Gun & Knife Symphony

11 Afternoon – Oh Jun Sung

12 Goodbye One Day! – Oh Jun Sung

13 Pretty Girl – Oh Jun Sung

14 Working Or Playing – Oh Jun Sung

15 Busy One Day – Oh Jun Sung

16 Coffee or Tea – Oh Jun Sung

17 Cheers! – Oh Jun Sung

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The soundtrack for the drama, “Haru” which features top Hallyu actors and singers has finally been released. The OST includes the main theme song, “One Day” sung by SHINee which has baroque styled melody lines, “Ring,” the love theme song sung by SNSD’s Tiffany, medium tempo ballad number “Be Led,” sung by Bobby Kim, and “Angel” sung by Super Junior members, Sung Min, Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, Ryeo Wook, and Kyu Hyun.





Shin Hye Sung (single) – Hello and Goodbye (released)

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01 Hello and Goodbye (feat. Eric and Nam Gyuri)

02 Hello and Goodbye INST

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung collaborates with his former bandmate, Eric and Nam Gyuri for his new digital single, “Hello and Goodbye.” The song can be seen as a gift to fans in midst of his fourth album release next year. The song was composed by Kim Gun Woo who has produced the project albums, “Blue Brand” and Supreme Team and Brown Eyed Soul’s “Ames Room.” Kang Eun Kyung and Eric are responsible for penning the lyrics to this ballad number.





Tae Yeon, The One (single) – Like a Star (released)

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01 Like a Star

02 Like a Star INST

One of Korea’s top vocalists, The One and SNSD’s Taeyeon have come together to release a single titled, “Like a Star.” The two singers go way back. Ten years ago, prior to SNSD’s debut, The One was the vocal teacher for Taeyeon among others such as DBSG members. The song, “Like a Star” is a duet ballad number composed by hitmaker Jo Young Soo with lyrics penned by An Young Min.





Other releases:

1sagain (single) – After Love (released)

Junu Vol. 1 – Memory (released)

Daydream Vol. 5 – Kassation (released)

Ha Soo Bin Vol. 3 – The Persistence Of Memory (released)

F.Cuz – Gorgeous (released)

Jj (single) – Ppang (released)

Len mini-album Vol. 2 – 겨을 이야기 (November 23)

Silent Eye – Into The Nightmare (November 24)

Brown Eyed Soul Vol. 3 – Soul Breeze (November 24)

Let Me Flow 1st EP – Let Me Flow (November 24)

Standing Egg Vol. 1 – With (November 25)

Eve – Gloria (November 25)

Tim Vol. 5 – New Beginning (November 25)

Man 3rd single album – Meditation (November 25)

Yoon Hwan – Untouched (November 25)

Dae Mool OST (November 25)

UMC – Love, Curse, Suicide (November 25)


Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak, Naver
credits to motoway065 for translations

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