The Music Core Experience #5 (Part 1)

For Part 2, in another perspective from the Kara line! >>>>>



Kara comeback with “Jumping” this week, so expecting all the Kara fans to be in line, I got there around 12 noon knowing that I’ll be able to get in effortlessly with 2ne1. Of course, right after I get my ritualistic 1000 won waffles near Exit 2 �de42


It was a good day for 2ne1 fans! We got some rare and unique items while lining up! The fanclub leaders passed out 2ne1 Rubik’s cube!


They also gave us these really awesome official 2ne1 “Blackjack” paper to write our fan letters on! I didn’t know what to write so I wrote to them on behalf of Soompi �de42 These are special fan letters that they will read for sure, because the fanclub leaders handed them over to the managers to give to them.



Most of the fans in line today are foreign fans. 50% of the fans in line are not Korean!


From Thailand.



From Singapore.


I’m not really happy about the line-up system/CHAOS that I had to go through today. The fanclubs are extremely jealous over one another that it really made a lot of unessesary trouble for the fans. They want you to state your “loyalty” to one fanclub, that means if you line up for 2ne1 in the morning, you cannot line up with Kara even though you have a CD. Honestly, I get it. I understand you, but it’s jacked.



First of all: 2ne1, kara, Girls Gerneration…etc— they are not gonna know who the heck was in line and if they changed lines. Their feelings won’t be hurt. I’m sure of it, as a matter of fact, I’m so sure, I’m like 180% sure of it. They don’t care what line you line up for. The artists themselves also support each and have made comments in interviews before that they are friends and they want everyone to support them!!!


Secondly: The fans won’t know who you line up for. Because honestly, there are like 100+ people in line, and they don’t care if one person is missing. Actually, will they even know if someone is missing or if an extra person was in line for 2ne1 then somehow ended up at the kara line? No, they won’t notice. They care too much about looking at their own fan merchandise and talking to each other than to keep individual taps on random people they never met before.


Thridly: None of the groups are going to benefit and make MORE fans if the fan club leaders keep getting jealous and putting restriction on every little thing. I was honestly really turned off by the kara fanclub (and when I said fan club, I mean “fan club” since there is no official fan club for Kara in Korea— OOOOH! PWNed!) AND the 2ne1 fanclub when they tried to make it a big deal. Thanks, I’m no longer a fan of EITHER group. 


So who actually cared? The fan club leaders. The 2 people in front of every line. 2 people. Yes them. That’s it.


The groups playing weren’t all that interesting either (no co-ed school, F.cuz, and we saw Beast for half a song). Because of the overly “strict” fanclub leaders, my experience with lining up with 2ne1 is not as great as I hope to be. Actually, every time lining up with 2ne1 have been stressful for me, as much of a fan as I am, I really don’t want to line up and support them again. Yes, I get it. No camera. Thanks. Did I even get out my camera or tried to take a picture inside? No. I wasn’t even reaching for it. I was walking to my seat in an orderly fashion.

How to instantly look 500% more sexy –>

Wear the 2ne1 spiked hoodie from the music video “Can’t Nobody”!

When I was inside Music Core, the fan club leaders for 2ne1 won’t even let me take my penlight out! Other groups are completely ok, I assure you… I’ve done it many times. (It’s not a studio rule btw) I’m not sure why, but I took a guess that because it’s color is “blue” and it’s not “2ne1’s color” they had me turn it off! They will even give you a dirty look if another artist (who is not 2ne1) came on stage and you clap for them. Actually for future reference, what IS 2ne1’s color? I’m guessing it’s red? Someone please tell me.


Is this the way to get more fans? If you think it is, it’s not freakin’ working!

Extreme FAIL.


Music Core Experience on 11/20: D


Not ‘F’ because I had the pleasure of tasting this new menu item from the Coffee Prince Coffee shop inside the MBC studio! �de42 Only 4800 won! $4.50 USD



Happy tooth is happy! It’s basically vanilla ice-cream topped with chocolate syrup with a shot of espresso that you’re supposed to pour over before consuming. It tasted like heaven. A+


For Part 2, in another perspective from the Kara line! >>>>>