2NE1’s Sandara: The Most Popular Celebrity on me2day

2NE1’s Sandara reported on her official me2day site that she has 200,000 friends, giving her the largest number of followers on that site for a celebrity.

Sandara posted the following photograph of 2NE1 practicing and captioned it with “What’s up?!? I’ve just reached 200,000 friends on my me2day account — unbelievable! It’s all thanks to you! I am a girl with many friends! Let’s work hard to get along in the future!”


(We love 2NE1’s super bright hair colors!)


Her followers responded with, “I am one of the 200,000 friends”, “Congratulations! You are the queen of me2day”, and “I am glad to be one of Sandara’s friends.”

Sandara has been an extremely active user of me2day ever since opening her account last June. She tends to update the site at least once a day to give her fans a peek into her daily life, accompanying her posts with very cute and candid photographs. We can definitely see why she has so many followers!

Source: asiae.co.kr, 21dara@me2day