"My Princess" Releases Trailer and Stills!

MBC has finally revealed the trailer for their upcoming drama, “My Princess”, starring Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee.

More about the rest of the cast: second lead Ryu Soo Young (Lawyers of Korea) will play the role of Nam Jung Woo, a professor at the University which Kim attends and has feelings for the latter, although a one-sided one. The last character involved in this love charade will be played by Park Ye Jin, a cold-hearted career woman who also happens to be a former girlfriend of Ryu’s character. She will fight for Song’s character to no end. 

 “My Princess” will premiere on January 5 following “Home Sweet Home” on MBC.

Meanwhile, check out the stills and trailer below!

Stills from the drama!

Credit: Nate and Dramabeans