Heechul Talks about SM Love Affairs

This episode of Radio Star continued for the third time with guests Shoo (Former S.E.S), Bang Eunhee (Actress and currently married to the CEO of NH Media, Go UKISS!), and Lee Yu-Jin (Actress). These guests were tied in together because of their married status.


The episode started off with all three guests introducing the songs that potentiate them or give them strength. Bang Eunhee chose ManManHani by UKISS and Kim Gura jokingly exclaimed that she was being way too transparent, Yoon Jongshin even cried out “How does the title ManManHani potentiate anyone?”

Heechul asked Bang Eunhee if she knew the song well, and she replied that nowadays the hit single is “Shut Up”. Heechul asked her to sing it once, and everybody was silent when she was singing. Her song was only in one tone. Bang Eunhee added that her husband tells her never to sing anywhere outside of the house.

Kim Gura then asked her if ManManHani had helped out her husband in terms of success. Bang Eunhee described their popularity in Japan, how in the past winter ManManHani was actually number two on the Oricon charts.

 Kim Gura commented that in Korea, UKISS isn’t doing as well as BEAST. So Bang Eunhee said that her husband once said that he wanted to “Twist up BEAST.” Quickly, she said that it was just a joke and personally apologized to Doojun.


The topic moved to Lee Yujin and how she was popular amongst guys before she became a celebrity. Supposedly when a guy took her home, there would be another one waiting outside of her house. She quickly added that she didn’t date those guys and they were only friends. Before she became a celebrity she expected that she would have a lot of suitors, but she was surprised that other male celebrities never approached her for nearly 10 years.

She confessed that she couldn’t understand why nobody had approached her, and that honestly it had hurt her pride. So Kim Gura asked her what she thought was the reason. Lee Yujin ended up boasting about her good looks, saying that if you meet her in person “I’m actually very fine.”

She even said that there wasn’t anyone as pretty as her in Korea. Everyone started laughing and commenting that they’ve never seen somebody talk like her before. She believes that if she was only a bit shorter then she probably would have turned South Korea upside down.

Heechul replied that “You are turning us upside down right now.”

Everyone then began to talk about how Bang Eunhee was approached romantically by an African chief, and Lee Yujin told everyone that she was once approached by a Guam beggar.

The focus then switched to Shoo and everyone was curious about her dating situation when she was in S.E.S. Yoon Jongshin was curious whether a lot of dating goes on within the agency itself or outside. Then Shoo talked about how Lee Suman (CEO of SM Entertainment) actually pushed his stars to date within the agency. Heechul did a spot on parody of Lee Suman and said “Yeah~ date within the agency, it makes our life easier, and if a scandal breaks out we can take care of it”

Then she began to tell an interesting secret. When she went to meet somebody she was dating (within the agency) and fans were outside, she would sneak in by hiding behind her clothing coordinator. Heechul appeared like he wanted to add a little more, but he said that because she was a sunbae (SM Veteran) he wouldn’t go into any more detail.

The song Shoo picked was Amazing Grace, and Kim Gura told everyone that it was sung by singer/songwriter Judy Collins (I like how he always adds these tidbits of information). Yoon Jongshin asked Kim Gura how else he would like to describe Judy Collins. Kim Gura interjected saying “let’s just leave it at that….” Shoo picked Amazing grace because she liked the feelings that it gave her. She claims that the song gives her a chance to look back at her life and shows herself to her. (Pretty deep).


Then Kim Gookjin asked Heechul (because Heechul is an English major) what Amazing Grace means.

He described it accurately by translating amazing, but when he moved on to the word grace, Kim Gura gave him a dirty look so he exclaimed “I wasn’t going to talk about the Korean Van (There’s a Korean van that was used a lot called Grace), haha don’t give me a look like that”

Kim Gura replied “Phew, I’m glad that you didn’t” (I love it when Kim Gura and Heechul flirt and banter with each other).

Then Heechul joked that “yes, amazing grace actually means amazing van” and he exclaimed that he was upset. (Aww)

Heechul asked Shoo if her life had any complications because of S.E.S’s fairy image, and if she could go into more detail. Shoo confessed that she actually likes to eat cow liver, and cow tongues (Korean delicacy). Because she kept on talking about cow parts, Heechul imitated a skit on Gag Concert and everyone laughed. Although Heechul appeared very content, Kim Gura was silent (hehe). Yoon Jongshin demanded that Kim Gura should be more responsive to Heechul, and he exclaimed that the guests were doing that job for him (He was being on the defensive).


Yoon Jongshin then asked Shoo about her situation when S.E.S’s popularity was on a decline. First she confessed that she actually always has a positive outlook on life and took the decline in popularity as an opportunity to pursue activities she never had the chance to. She confessed that during that period, she had actually worked for a Japanese restaurant for nearly a month and a half (Very Interesting).


It was Lee Yujin’s turn to introduce the song that potentiates her, and it was “Whale’s Dream” by Bobby Kim (Also one of my favorites). Yoon Jongshin added that the trumpet playing in the background is actually played by Bobby Kim’s own father (Very Cool). Then Yoon Jongshin jokingly described how in Ulsan there’s a Whale parade and how Bobby Kim is a common feature there. The reason why Lee Yujin chose this song is because it was very hopeful. Whenever she was going through hard times this song would refresh her.

Then Kim Gookjin began to talk about how Lee Yujin’s actually having received an offer to become a singer by JYP. She went on to say that not accepting that offer was something that she regretted a little bit. (I would regret it too). The reason why she didn’t accept the offer is because she had to give up everything she was currently doing and at the time she was focused on making money.

After she declined the offer, the song that came out from JYP was Park Ji Yoon’s “Sung In Shik” (Coming of Age Party). Lee Yujin exclaimed, “Kya, that was supposed to be MY song!” Everyone else expressed their doubts, but she continued by saying that “Sung In Shik” fit her perfectly. Whenever she heard the song, she felt like it was her own. So everyone asked her to try singing it once, and her performance was a bit off (She couldn’t hit the notes), and so she acknowledged that it probably wouldn’t have been a good fit.

Heechul got into the topic of her interesting talent which was straightening out water bottles by blowing air into them with her nose. (Wow). She chugged the water bottle, crumpled it, and blew into the water bottle. (Wow, again). She showed off another funny talent and it was imitating an ape from Planet of the Apes.

Then Heechul asked if the other guests had any talents, although Bang Eunhee declined at first, they asked her to sing ManManHani. Kim Gura exclaimed that her singing would probably not help out her husband, even worsen the situation. So instead she sang “Love like Spring Rain, Breakup like Winter Rain”. Although the brief performance was passionate and somewhat seductive everybody was snickering (T_T).

The episode wrapped up with a blast from the past as Shoo sang “I’m Your Girl”. Heechul then began his Jaerong (acting cute in a frivolous way) by dancing along to the song. (He always impresses me with his sense and talent).

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