Tiger JK Denies Allegations


Tiger JK denied that he is attempting to “expand overseas” with Eminem’s producer.

Some news sources have claimed that Tiger JK is now ‘expanding overseas’. The two following links are to MBN, and Star News.


The MBN news source reads the following:

‘Hip Hop Couple’ Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae (T) have begun a global project with other global musicians that is trying to ‘expand overseas’. Musicians from all over the world have created friendships through Twitter and Social Networks. This project has begun because the musicians have fallen in love with each other’s music. It has been announced that !LLMIND (A record producer who has worked with Eminem and 50 Cent) and director Rik Cordero (Who has directed music videos for Jay-Z and John Lennon) will be joining the project. On the other hand, Yoon Mirae (T) will be releasing her new album early this year, which she has been working on with Tiger JK.


The Star News source also contains similar information:

The title reads: Tiger JK is expanding overseas with Eminem’s producer.

Hiphop couple Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae (T) has begun a special global project.

Both individuals reveal their attempt at expanding overseas through the reality program, Cable Channel tvN’s “Goes to the Jungle” (Which will be broadcast this on 10pm this 15th).


Tiger JK has denied these allegations through his twitter.


The twitter reads:

It’s not an expansion. Kek, I only heard that the program would be broadcasted in foreign countries. Damn. Whatever, let’s just leave it this way. I’m going to advance my soul and music overseas. My body is going to stay in Nok Yang Dong.

(The word expanding overseas in a Korean context means that the group will try to make it big in other countries, as many Kpop groups have attempted to do. ex: The Wonder Girls).