f(x) Sulli’s First Love Is a Body Guard

On the Feb. 10th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together,’ f(x) Sulli revealed that her “first love was a body guard that had protected” her.

“One time I went to a concert and there were so many fans in the elevator,” said Sulli. “I was worrying how I should get off the elevator and right at that moment, a body guard appeared in front of me like a prince,” further explaining about the situation as she added, “the body guard created a protection shield for me by placing his both hands on the wall and my heart started pounding like crazy.” She reminisced the heart fluttering moment as she confessed, “Since then, I couldn’t get him out of my mind.”

Her fellow f(x) member Crystal also added, “Since that incident, Sulli only prefers that body guard,” making all the MCs burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, on this episode of ‘Happy Together,’ TVXQ’s Changmin and Yoonho, f(x)’s Crystal and Sulli and Luna appeared as guests. Check out the episode for more hilarious stories! �de42