Yoo Ah-In Enjoys Going Clubbing to De-Stress

KBS2 Drama Sungkyungkwan Scandal’s hot star Yoo Ah-In revealed that he enjoys going clubbing to de-stress.

At a recent interview in MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ Yoo Ah-In confessed that he is a club maniac. “I go once in a while to de-stress” he said, surprising everyone at the filming set. Then he later showed off his never-before-seen dance skills and his first live song performance.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-In was chosen by IU as her ideal type before. When the reporter mentioned about the recent change in IU’s ideal type, he laughed as he candidly commented that he felt “disappointed.” He further added, “Is there any guy that doesn’t like IU these days? I think she’s really lovely and pretty.”

So keep your eyes wide open the next time you go clubbing. You never know, if you’re lucky maybe you’ll bump into him in the dance floor �de09