2NE1 Dara and Minzy’s Perfect Disguise to the Amusement Park

We all know it’s hard being famous. It can really suck having absolutely no privacy and being scrutinized for every move you make. K-Pop stars, as much fame as they enjoy, face the same problem. These photos posted on Dara and Minzy’s me2day pages (a Korean version of Twitter) yesterday gives you a glimpse into how difficult it is for these K-Pop stars to enjoy a regular life.

In these photos, the two 2NE1 members are seen wearing a full disguise at Lotte World, an amusement park in Seoul. Dara and Minzy are wearing matching hoodies, masks, and shades in order to avoid the paparazzis and unwanted public attention.

“Succeeded to make it outside! Full disguise accomplished!” Dara wrote on her me2day page with the photos. “But if any of my me2day friends are here, they’re going to notice me…In case you do, hush! Please keep it a secret. Yay!” Dara also took a picture in front of a giant poster ad featuring herself as the model, saying, “Oh wow! I’m here too!” Minzy also posted a picture on her me2day page and said, “I think we look so good together!”

Netizens sounded quite sympathetic with the two 2NE1 girls as some commented “It’s so sad they have to wear a disguise to an amusement park, but it’s good to see them having fun!” and “Even with a disguise, they’re still so cute!” There’s no doubt these girls look cute in those outfits but whether they had fun or not with those giant shades and masks on? That I don’t know..