Yunho Gets Wet

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It was time for the “Image Talk” section of Happy Together, and the first question asked was “Who changes completely when they are in front of the opposite sex?”

Yuncho chose Changmin, Luna chose Krystal, and everyone else chose Luna. Luna laughed while she exclaimed “Why me, why me?”

Changmin explained why he chose Luna. One time he was passing by while Luna was practicing for her musical. She asked Changmin “Oppa (In this context, older brother/friend) I didn’t get to eat anything and I’m so hungry T_T, please buy me pizza.” Changmin had already eaten pizza but he was willing to eat again because Luna had asked in such a cute way. He also felt that Luna would be the type of girl that acts really cute in front of other men.

Sully said she chose Luna because her tone changes when she is with other guys. She also acts cuter in front of guys. Luna objected to Sully’s comments, and Park Min Sun asked Luna to demonstrate. Luna said “let’s go eat pizza” in a cute way but did both male and female versions (Everyone commented how it was obviously different, lol). Krystal also agreed saying that Luna’s voice becomes a high tone when with guys.

It was Luna’s turn to explain her choice and she decided to change from Krystal to Sully. She explained, “Sully has two older brothers so it looks like she seems more comfortable in front of guys instead of girls.” Sully had also told this to Luna before.


The next question for the “Image Talk” was “Who is the person that you still feel awkward around. Changmin and Krystal chose each other, while Sully and Luna chose Yunho. Yunho chose nobody.

Yoo Jae Seok commented that Changmin and Krystal should be close because they were both SM trainees. But, when Changmin was a trainee Krystal wasn’t at SM Entertainment.

Yoo Jae Suk asked Krystal to describe the most awkward moment she had with Changmin. Krystal replied, “It’s awkward even now.” (@_@) Krystal went on, “Once in a while we would pass by each other and I would say hi and our eyes would meet but then he would just turn around.”


Shin Bong Sun wanted the two to get closer now, so Park Mi Sun suggested that they do the “eye contact game.” Although they tried to maintain eye contact, they both ended up laughing (Changmin also spit a bit on Sully T_T). Krystal commented, “It’s the first time that I got to see him this close” and continued, “He has really deep eyelids.” Changmin said that Krystal has very pretty eyes.

It was time for Sully to explain her choice (Yunho) and she said that the awkwardness she felt was similar to that of Krystal’s feelings towards Changmin. Luna chose Yunho because she didn’t have a lot of chances to talk with him. She feels comfortable talking to Yunho when he’s giving her advice but she hasn’t talked about anything personal with him. Yoo Jae Suk asked “So when you meet her do you just keep on giving advice?” Yunho replied by giving Luna advice “Smile wider” (^^;;).

The next question for the “Image Talk” was to choose somebody that gave them disappointment that they never had a chance to talk about. Yunho chose Changmin and Krystal chose Sully.


Yunho talked about Changmin and their “Why” live performance. There’s a part of the performance where Changmin pushes/hits Yunho’s chest. Supposedly Changmin used to hit Yunho so hard that Yunho asked Changmin to hit him lighter. But now, Changmin literally pushes Yunho. Yoo Jae Suk joked “If it was Onew, he probably would have hit you with his middle finger.”


The show moved on to Krystal. Her pick was Sully. Krystal began to explain, “A few days ago, when I was doing my hair, I got so hungry.” Krystal asked Sully to go to a bakery together but she didn’t have her wallet with her. Krystal told Sully, (usually people at this point would offer to pay) but Sully continued to do her hair. Sully’s explanation was that she was obviously going to pay but Krystal had suddenly disappeared. Krystal had asked her mother to pay instead. (While Krystal was explaining this story, Onew was outperforming Park Myeong-Su as an emcee, lol).

It was Luna’s turn and she had also picked Sully. Her story was similar to Krystal’s. (Sully seems to be a bit indifferent towards her members) Luna explained that they didn’t have a humidifier so she bought one and would change the water for both of them. However, Sully never helped out. Sully explained, “Things like this happens to me a lot. They’re both blood type As but I’m an O (Type As are known to be very sensitive and timid while Os are more tolerant and easy going). But of course I know how much they like me. I guess I’m just a little careless.”


Yunho said, “Yeah, but things get better after five or six years.” He continued, “For me, I usually mess up the room and Changmin cleans up everything.” Changmin said, “We used to room together and I used to get really stressed out. All kinds of small things would be all over the room, just overall messy.” Changmin added, “So I would only clean up my area.” Yunho said, “I’m the type who cleans up the room on a certain day,” to which Changmin replied, “But that day rarely ever comes.” (Thought Yunho would be clean! @_@)

The next section was “Star Quiz”. Yunho got to go first and the topic he picked was Sully. The question was “Sully became friends with Victoria because of xxx.” Myungsoo answered “dialect,” Yunho said “Eye-Smile” (The shape the eye becomes when one is smiling) and Krystal said “flexibility”. Changmin got it right with “sleeping habits.” Sully said “When Victoria first joined the group, we roomed together. But in the morning I got up to go to school and saw Victoria sleeping with her eyes open! I got so scared and tried to wake her up. Krystal added, “She looked even scarier because her head was kind of tilted backwards and so her eyes looked like it was rolled all the way to the back.” Sully said “The bottom part of her body was on the bed, but her top part and head was hanging down, so it looked like she was folded in a right angle.”


Yoo Jae Seok asked what kind of sleeping habits other F(x) members had. Krystal and Sully pointed at Luna. “Luna’s sleeping habits are really cute. When Luna sleeps, she dances. She does the ‘Popping’ dance in her sleep (Krystal showed the actual moves).” Changmin added, “Yunho does everything that Victoria and Luna does combined. “He pops and keeps his eyes opened while he sleeps” Luna jumped in saying that Sully makes funny sounds in her sleep such as “Bbeeyoooo” or “Ohhh that looks so delicious.”


Onew was asked about Shinee members and their sleeping habits. Onew said “Jong Hyun sleeps with his eyes open, Key often talks in his sleep and grinds his teeth, and Taemin kicks everything around him.” Yunho exclaimed, “Add all of that, and you get Changmin.” Yunho explained that waking up Changmin in the morning is frightening. The moment Changmin wakes up he will open his eyes wide open and start to stare down whoever woke him up.


The next question “Sully’s first love was XXX.” The answer was “Bodyguard.” Sully explained, “When we did a live concert, there were so many fans in the elevator. We didn’t know what to do but then when the elevator door opened, a bodyguard showed up like a prince. He would put his arms against the wall just to clear the way for us and protect us. I wasn’t sure how to respond because my heart was pounding so hard.” Krystal said “Since then, Sully’s been looking for that bodyguard,” but she could never find her.

The next question as “Onew is good at XXX.” The answer was “Trot (Old school Korean pop music, basically the equivalent of U.S country music).” Onew said “I used to listen to a lot of trot music in my parent’s car when I was a little kid.” Onew, Luna, and Park Misun gave live trot music performances.


The next question was “When a fan told Changmin ‘You are so good looking,’ he responded by saying XXX.” The answer was “Whatever” Changmin explained, “I hated hearing compliments from others when I was a kid. And I said that with a smiling face.” Onew said “You can say that in four words, ‘Keep Your Head Down.’” Krystal told Onew that it wasn’t a funny joke (>_<).

The next question, “Out of all the F(x) members Krystal did XX the most” the answer was “Exposure.”

Krystal began to explain that on the song “Nu Abo” there was a dance when all the members were supposed to lift up their shirts. Krystal kept receiving a shirt that was easier to lift up, more so than other members. Thus, Krystal had to keep exposing her skin. The Emcees asked Sully about that exposure dance move. Sully confessed that her fans don’t want her to expose her skin, and the Emcee’s assumed that it was because of Sully and Krystal’s different image. Luna was asked about the exposure dance move, and she sullenly replied “My fans don’t seem to care about that part at all” (LOL).

It was time for the Son Byung Ho game (Pretty much, people have to repeat tongue twisters in order but the number of times they have to repeat the tongue twister increases after every one person is successful. The first person will say the tongue twister once, the second person two times, and increasing etc.)


Yoo Jae Suk got caught first because he said a tongue twister only six times when he should have said it seven times. (Weird thing is both Changmin and Yunho were wet, either that scene was cut out or they got sprayed too???) They continued to play the game until pretty much everyone was sprayed.


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