Kim Tae Hee & Her Wish List of Hot Sexy Instructors ♥

So let’s say that you had a chance to choose whomever you wanted as your instructors to receive one-on-one private lessons, then who would they be?

Well it looks like the princess had some suggestions of her own for her ‘princess lessons.’ On the 14th episode of MBC Drama “My Princess” that was aired on the 17th, Lee Seol princess (Kim Tae Hee) revealed her wish list of instructors.

Lee Seol returns to her palace and receives a new boring “princess” lesson schedule from ‘Deputy Director Kim’ (Hae-Young’s replacement). She glances at the ‘luxurious’ schedule filled with cello, waltz, and horse-back riding lessons and reacted, “I appreciate your work but I don’t like it. I’ll just come up with my own lesson schedule.”


Then a moment later, she writes up her own extensive list of teachers/study schedule. Her new study schedule entitled “Lee Seol’s Princess Lessons” includes the following:

History: Nam Jung Woo (Lee Seol’s favorite archaeology professor)


Economics: Steve Jobs


Foreign Language (English): John Park


Foreign Language (Japanese): Joe Odagiri


Music (Vocal): B2ST


Music (Dance): Rain


Art (Fashion): SHINee


P.E. (Horseback Riding): Bidam (Character from “Queen Seon Duk”)

After finishing her wish list, Lee Seol seems pleased and excited as she hands it over to ‘Deputy Director Kim’ and exclaims, “You can round them up by the end of this week, right? Please show me your capabilities!” and leaves the room.

Wow, seriously, what an awesome list of instructors! Personally, if they were my instructors for real, I’d probably look forward to every single private lesson and wouldn’t mind having lessons all day long lol! But I’m not so sure if I’d be able to concentrate well during classes…hmmm �de00 So who’s on your wish list of male/female instructors? I would love to learn Japanese from super hot Hiroshi Tamaki from “Nodame Cantabile”! Any recommendations for a better dream team? �de09

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