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Over the next week, you’ll be receiving feature articles of Big Bang’s behind the scene exclusives by Soompi (Album previews/Interviews/Features/Fan Shout Out/Contests/Prizes).

Instructions for viewing the exclusive content and joining the contest:

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2) Show your love for Big Bang and win awesome prizes, including PERSONALIZED autographed copies of their new album signed by all 5 members, or win the grand prize of a video shout-out from Big Bang to YOU! All you need to do is tell us how much you love Big Bang, in words, photos, or video – do it now!

3) Spazz out, discuss, & get the latest updates for the exclusive features at our official Big Bang Comeback Thread (behind-the-scenes interviews, photos, videos, YG Studio tour, and more!)

The release times will be intermittent throughout the next 48 hours. But the contest will run for a week until March 1st. Check out the threads for more information & spread the word!!

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Content about the Big Bang Comeback


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Big Bang contest! The contest is now closed. Due to the high number of entries, our team and YG will need a week to review the submissions so that we can pick the best winners! We will announce the winners next week through a video message produced by Big Bang. Thanks for your patience!