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Today was an amazing day for me and fellow Soompi staff as we had the chance to go to the YG Entertainment head office to listen to the unreleased tracks for the upcoming Big Bang album.  Over the next few hours we will be releasing our reviews of each of the tracks on the Big Bang album on Soompi (links will be posted in the forum threads as well).  All I can say personally is that the album is amazing.  Every song on the album has its own unique style, beat and sound.  Stay tuned for each song review as you will receive much more detail, enjoy the first review.

Exclusive by Soompi, “Hands Up” (Track #2)

                Lyrics by: G-Dragon, Written by: G-Dragon and e. knock, Arranged by: e. knock

                Additional rap written by T.O.P

After hearing the intro (Track #1) you are right in it and “Hands Up” doesn’t let the melody slow but keeps you going.  The song starts with “A brand new world is coming we are the world” being spoken which kicks off a club style techno beat with rapping vocals.  Before you know it in your mind you are picturing yourself at the concert with your hands in the air singing “Hands up hi hi hello,” oh what a moment it would be to actually live it.  The voice synthesizer adds to the rapping style throughout the song, with the distinct voices of GD and TOP gracing the techno style beats.  The middle of the song slows but builds right back up with a techno styled eruption, and bam you get right back into the song “Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo.”

My impression:

The song sounded great and seemed to be perfect for a club setting as it gets you pumped up (almost even raising your hands listening to it).  I have never been a fan of the voice synthesizer but the song sounds much better as the synthesizer is used sparingly and more so to fade with the music, so A+ for the integration.  The collaboration as a group throughout the song is great; individuals have their own vocal sections which are complemented by vocal sections sung by the whole group.  Another great feature I liked was the slowing down and building back up of the music; it gets your blood flowing with excitement when it comes back full throttle.  It was difficult to place to an artist’s style but one Soompi staff member mentioned it had a Jpop style to it.

YG Entertainment and Big Bang Member comments:

G-Dragon stated, “This was the most exciting song on stage in Japan.”

YG Entertainment stated that “Hands Up” is more of a party song with a lot of energy, raises the roof. 

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