[Exclusive] Pre-Album Review "Cafe" by Soompi

Exclusive by Soompi, “Cafe” (Track #6)

Lyrics by: G-Dragon, Written by: G-Dragon, DJ MURF and Peejay, Arranged by: DJ MURF and Peejay

                Additional rap written by T.O.P

Compared to “Hands Up” “Café” can definitely be considered to be mellow.  The vocal styles will catch you by surprise but they are very unique.  The song opens to a piano, giving you that good mellow feeling, then you are literally blown away by the deep voice of TOP rapping the opening set.  The next vocal set comes in with a much higher octave than I had ever expected.  The high pitch vocals reminded me of the band Color Me Bad from the 90’s mixed with Jamiroquai, catchy yet so perfectly matched with the deep voice introduction.  TOP’s smooth deep vocal style is reminiscent of the singer Common, giving you that “Café” feel, which is followed by a sweet rap set from G-Dragon.  The instrumentals in this song are very well chosen and add the punch to make the beat stick in your head.  The occasional plucking of strings from an electric and piano beat complements the high and low pitch vocals.


The first time I listened to the track what immediately caught me was the piano and deep voice combination.  When the higher pitched vocals came in I was a little shocked, but the second time that I listened to the song I could understand the artistic nature of matching TOP’s deep voice with higher pitched vocals.  By the end I felt this song was great as it was so different than the others yet had a great beat and harmony.  I was a fan growing up of Color Me Bad and love the songs which Common has produced so it seemed this song is a good fit for me. 

YG Entertainment comments:

Along with “What is Right,” this track shows Big Bang’s new style. It makes you feel as if you’re sitting in a quiet, elegant cafe. But it’s not like some regular lounge music as it involves various vocal styles including extreme Falsetto-types and rap. In particular, G-Dragon’s dramatic rap will make everyone sitting in a cafe stop talking and listen to this song.

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