[Exclusive] Pre-Album Review “Somebody to Love” by Soompi

[Exclusive by Soompi, “Somebody to Love” (Track #4)

Lyrics by: G-Dragon, Written by: G-Dragon, Ham Seung Chun, Kang Wook Jin, Arranged by: Ham and Kang

                Additional rap written by T.O.P

The 4th track, “Somebody to Love” is Big Bang’s favorite song.  This song reminded me of Timbaland because of his voice and producing ability.  The song itself is very well done and incorporates the vocal ladder fades, as in Jay Sean “Down” (Down, down, down, down), which I tend to like so much.  Also like in “Down” the voice synthesizer is brought back in and even used to start the song off.  But like “Hands Up” it is not over done, like the majority of Lil Wayne’s songs, but complements the flow of the song.  Here again Big Bang uses the slow down style mid=way through the song, love it. Only this time instead of a musical buildup, like “Hands Up,” TOP busts in with his deep voice rapping style followed by a rapping set by GD with a synthesizer fade.  The flow just works great and uses the individual styles mixed with the group like all of the other songs. 


This song incorporated everything I like into the style and presentation.  The minimal use of the sound synthesizer, the vocal ladder fades and the mid song slow down all hit the spot.  I can’t say that it reminds me of one particular style but has certain features seen in almost all pop songs.  This song just makes you think it is great to hear Big Bang again due to the synchrony and specific styles each brings to the table.   

YG Entertainment comments:

Along with “Hands Up,” this track was included in Big Bang’s Japanese album.  It is based on an electronic sound, the repetitive “somebody to love” part makes the whole song powerful and each member makes the whole song very dramatic.  Depending on which part you’re listening to, the song feels happy or sad. That’s because this song involved very different musical styles from Tae Yang to TOP’s strong rap.

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