[Exclusive] Pre-Album Review “Tonight” by Soompi

Exclusive by Soompi, “Tonight” (Track #3)

Lyrics by: G-Dragon, Written by: G-Dragon, e. knock, Arranged by: Choi Pil Kang (PK)

Additional rap written by T.O.P

The title track of this album, “Tonight,” has all the elements of what’s made Big Bang one of the biggest idol groups in K-Pop today. Based on strong electronic tempo, “Tonight” appropriately integrates different sounds like acoustic guitar and Euro trance beats with a grain of J-Pop tunes to come up with a completely new music genre. It may look like all kinds of different musical styles are just crammed in to one song, but G-Dragon and the rest of the Big Bang members do a masterful job in making it sound totally catchy—or should it be “Big Bang-ish?” G-Dragon’s sick rapping is accompanied by T.O.P’s deep voice, while Seungri, Dae Sung, and Tae Yang work in complete harmony to deliver vocal cords perfectly complementing each other. The song slows down in the middle and suddenly integrates an acoustic guitar to bring it back to a dull beat, but that effect only maximizes its build up to the climax. The song starts off with a “Big Bang We Back” chant and closes with T.O.P saying “Tonight is such a beautiful night. Good night.” With a song like this, Big Bang fans will definitely have a good night tonight.


Well if you couldn’t tell I was posting the songs in the order that I liked them, so of course saving the best for last is “Tonight.” This is a MASTERPIECE, the song is full of instrumentals and vocals which is always a dangerous combination and only the best can pull off. The acoustic strum beat which you hear at the start of the song and is brought back at the end just makes you wish you were able to play and wraps the song up perfectly. One of my favorite artists is Timbaland, the reason being he can do just that, mix vocally strong pieces with musically strong pieces. The quality, talent and interest which this album has portrayed really makes me anxious to actually buy the full album in the stores come February 25th. I hope everyone has enjoyed my reviews, jvik. By the way, track #1, is the intro released on Strong Heart, here is a link to the review on the intro, http://bit.ly/e4Jyal

YG Entertainment comments:

G-Dragon apparently said “I think this track can become a song that best-represents Big Bang, much like ‘Lies’ did in the past.” This track will kick start a new era for Big Bang, who’s making a comeback after more than two years. “Tonight” has a strong electronic sound, just like “Lies,” but has an acoustic guitar sound in the background that makes it give an overall calmer attitude. By combining electronics and analogue styles, “Tonight” creates a new style called “Digitalog.” The members are able to fully express themselves through each of their parts and their different styles slowly raise the whole feel of the song. In other words, the Big Bang members put together their five distinct characteristics into one complete song. But the most impressive part of “Tonight” comes at the end when the excitement slows down and the calm acoustic sound jumps in. It’s emotional and sentimental yet elegant and grand, but also calm and simple. All this happens in a mere 3 minutes and 40 seconds. It doesn’t force you to listen. But every moment of the song is a highlight. “Tonight” will give the listener his best night.

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