The dream has faded away and now it’s reality! The album is here!! Soompi’s got an exclusive inside look and photos of the yet to be released Big Bang album!!! Event sponsored by YG Entertainment.

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The Exclusive album photos will be released in three batches over the next few hours.

Batch 1/3 – Album, Front Cover, Seungri and TOP CD booklet pages

Batch 2/3 – G-Dragon, Tae Yang and Dae Sung CD booklet pages [RELEASED] http://bit.ly/ft3I79

Batch 3/3 – Album front and back cover, the CD, Group CD booklet images [Released] http://bit.ly/hXNjNg

Here are the photos for the first batch:

Big Bang Mini Album 4


Front Cover


Inside Booklet


Page for Seungri


2nd page for Seungri


Seungri closeup


TOP booklet page


TOP closeup

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