Fan Comments from Big Bang’s “Big Show 2011” ★

The Soompi staff was able to attend Big Bang’s BIG SHOW concert this past weekend. It was so exciting and mind blowing to actually get to see them perform on stage and be part of the dynamic live scene with more than 14,000 VIPs that packed the stadium. The heat and energy bursting out from each performance was absolutely incredible and they raised the roof by totally rocking every performance! We realized Big Bang’s explosive popularity once again at the concert, and here’s what some of our VIPs of different age groups and nationalities had to say about the concert (some were fellow Soompiers!).

“I’ve been a Big Bang fan for a little over a year. I’m a huge T.O.P fan. See, I even got a T.O.P pillow! It was my first Big Bang concert today but OMG I’ll definitely come back again. The “Knock Out” performance was awesome! I thought it was cool how they had the big tank on stage! Honestly, I liked some of the older songs better, but the new album is still very good. It seems like they tried a lot of new stuff. I would say ‘What is Right’ is by far my favorite track because it’s kind of different from their past songs.” (Katie, Age 24, USA)

“I went to GD’s concert in 2009, but it’s my first time to a Big Bang concert. I’ve been following them for a little over four years. The ‘High High’ performance was the best only because GD & TOP were on stage, haha! No, but really, it was hot because both of them seemed really into their performance and it was just amazing. GD & TOP rock! I just got the new album three days ago so I haven’t checked all the songs yet but I would say ‘Tonight’ is the best.” (Sabrina, Age 30, Taiwan)

“I’ve been a Big Bang fan since 2007. They’re so hot! I went to their concert in Thailand two years ago but it’s my first time in Korea! OMG I loved the ‘Last Farewell’ performance! Their dance was really impressive! The new album has a different style from the previous album. It’s more creative, clever, strong, and mature. It’s interesting to see how they mix-and-matched different styles. I would say “Tonight” is my favorite track but all of them are good.” (Thitipat, Age 29, Thailand)

“I love them all but GD’s my favorite. I’ve been a huge fan since 2008 when “Haru Haru” was out and this is my second Big Bang concert. I really liked the “Sunset Glow” performance…everyone got up and sang together and that was a really emotional moment for me. They’re so cool! It feels a little different from past I guess because they’ve been away for such a long time. They look more mature and better looking. I like ‘Café’ the most.” (Minjoo, Age 15, Korea)

“I went to the YG family concert before but it’s my first Big Bang concert. I’ve been a Big Bang fan since 2007 and I’m obsessed over Taeyang! I thought ‘Café’ was awesome.” (Alia, Age 22, Korea)

“My favorite Big Bang member is definitely T.O.P. I’ve been a Big Bang fan for two years. I flew in from Japan just to see Big Bang’s concert. It’s my very first Big Bang concert and I’m so pumped! I went to last night’s AND tonight’s concert and I was totally pumped! I think the new song ‘What is Right’ is awesome!” (Caitlyn, Age 20, U.S.A)

“’Café’ was by far our favorite song. It’s tough for us to pick a favorite part of the concert because we loved the whole thing! We’ve been a Big Bang fan for three years so far and this is our third Big Bang concert! We’re seriously in love with GD! We flew in from Japan just for the concert.” (Aya, Age 22 & Haruhi, Age 21, Japan)