Hyun Bin’s Last Photoshoot Before Military Service

We’ll admit that this photoshoot isn’t the best we’ve seen of handsome Hyun Bin, but we’re going to enjoy it all we can, because it’ll be his last for quite some time! The actor is due to enlist in the military on March 7, where he’ll be going above and beyond the call of duty — Hyun Bin volunteered to serve in the Marine Corps, which is said to be more difficult than regular military duty. And it’s not only in the military that Hyun Bin will be giving it his all — the prolific actor churned out not one but two movies for the month of February. One is a melodrama called “Love Me, Love Me Not”, in which he stars with Lim Soo Jung. The other is an international drama called “Late Autumn”, in which he stars with Chinese actress Tang Wei. It’s on the set of the latter film, in Seattle, that this photoshoot was taken. The photos will appear in a 30-page spread for the latest issue of High Cut magazine. (It’s as though they knew how much we were going to miss him!) It will share Hyun Bin’s thoughts about going to an international film festival for the first time (the actor recently attended the prestigious Berlin Film Festival).

Thoughts about the photoshoot? As we’ve said, it isn’t our favorite — we’ve seen Hyun Bin look better than this, and we’re personally not loving the cigarette. But it’s Hyun Bin, and it’ll be his last for the next two years, so we’ll take it!

Source: Newsen, highcut.co.kr