Ha Ji Won and Psy’s "Secret Garden" Foam Kiss?!

Did you guys enjoy Big Bang’s hilarious parody of the SBS hit drama “Secret Garden” entitled “Secret Big Bang”? Although it’s been over a month and a half since “Secret Garden” ended, the drama still enjoys explosive popularity as the parody list continues to build on. Following Big Bang’s T.O.P, Psy took his turn to become Hyun Bin’s famed Kim Joo Won character.

Recently “Secret Garden” heroine Ha Ji Won and singer Psy filmed a humorous parody of two romantic scenes from “Secret Garden,” the foam kiss scene and the face-to-face sit-up scene, at a CF shooting for Cass Light beer. The two versions of the “Light Garden” CF will be aired starting on the 4th.

In the foam kiss version, Psy says the famous line, “What’s up with women? They always pretend they don’t know they have foam on their lips when they’re with men?”, as he brings his face closer to Ha Ji Won and attempts to do the foam kiss, when he realizes at that moment that the source of the foam is “Cass Light” and fails to kiss as he chooses “Cass Light” over Ha Ji Won’s lips.

Also, in the face-to-face sit-up version, when a romantic line is expected to come out as their faces get closer, all of a sudden, Psy asks a random question, “So Gil Ra Im, when did you start drinking Cass Light?,” as Ha Ji Won shyly and comically replies back “Since when it first came out.” Wow, hilarious �de42

It was told that at the set, the two couldn’t help laughing non-stop, as the romantic moments in the drama were nowhere to be found in the amusing parody scenes. Actually, it’s not the first time that the two have met. The secret ties of the two will be revealed, along with date counseling expert Psy’s “foam kiss, this is how you succeed” success manual and behind stories of “Secret Garden.”

Ha Ji Won and Psy’s romance-disguised-comedy CF shooting set will be unveiled on March 3rd in SBS “Nightly Entertainment.”